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2021 Jets Season: Misc. Talk

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5 minutes ago, Bobby816 said:

Joyner out for the year. 3 biggest FA signings all injured pretty bad in Lawson, Davis and Joyner. Can’t control injuries….. but that’s not the best of luck for JD for a FA period

Wait a minute?   Jarrod is out of season as well?

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3 hours ago, JetsandI said:

Now I know another one.  JD won't make any trade for player that may threaten to hold out for new or bigger contract. lol.

Lol at this point, he'll make a move for someone that will get hurt instead.  Joking. 

With the roster stripped the way it is now, we really don't know who he would offer money to. Especially if they can lock in a position as a long term answer.  

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1 hour ago, JetsandI said:

Becton is out for 4-6 weeks with knee cap dislocation.

Crazy how quick players are expected to recover from injuries like this. Lol I roll my ankle and I'm out for 6 weeks. 


This may work in Becton's favor if we give him the right amount of time. He seems mentally off right now. So he'll have time to relax and figure out what he was doing wrong. 

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26 minutes ago, jetsfan4life51 said:

Saleh spoke on the Michael Kaye show and actually gave a pretty solid interview, no BS coach-speak.

He said Mims will get more playing time when he learns all 3 WR positions and they never had any sustained drives so Davis, Moore and Berrios got the reps.

Why does Mims have to learn all three WR position before he plays? If he is so good why is he not on the field now? I have to mark my calendar and mark it EXCUSE MONDAY.

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Why in the last 25 years we only had a handful of offensive draft picks start right away and be  productive. All the players we had that were productive we picked up from other teams. Just look at this list of Jets draft picks


Dustin Keller productive player only had a five year career2008 draft

Mangold, Ferguson, Leon Washington 2006 draft Three great picks

Jerrocho Cotchery 2004 draft productive player

Santana Moss 2001 draft very productive player

Keyshawn Johnson 1996 draft  real star

Wayne Chrebet,  he was not drafted we picked him up off the streets of Garfield or Lodi NJ turnout to be a real star.

Zach Wilson Yesterday was the first time  saw Wilson play, I really think we got something here

Becton last years first round pick had a outstanding year this year he had not looked the same even before he got hurt, maybe he had a nagging injury I have no idea.





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On 9/13/2021 at 1:13 PM, JetsandI said:

Internet now talks about Jets' potential signing vet OT.  I think Jets will sign OT off other team's PS.  Jets have 3 OL on own PS but neither of them is pure OT.

Apparently I was wrong.  Grant Hermanns is listed as OT.  umm. whatever.

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