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2021 Jets Season: Misc. Talk

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On 9/13/2021 at 5:20 PM, jetsfan4life51 said:

Saleh spoke on the Michael Kaye show and actually gave a pretty solid interview, no BS coach-speak.

He said Mims will get more playing time when he learns all 3 WR positions and they never had any sustained drives so Davis, Moore and Berrios got the reps.

Im sorry but this is garbage. 

Mims had 3 snaps, 1 target and one forty yard banger. Saleh and LaFleur are full of crap. 

I'd love to hear more opinions on this and maybe there was a thread on it already...but its BS that Mims isnt getting snaps. Straight up. 

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In 2020 Mims player 10 games for one reason or another last year

24 reception for 397 yards 16.5 per receptions 0 TD not bad at all in fact they are real good numbers.

The question is what happen from the end of last season and the end of training camp, I have no idea. I sure don't buy into that learning three positions is the reason he is not playing.

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44 minutes ago, ekill08x said:

We have to he’s been atrocious since he got here. Keep adding guys until this line looks average 

Big disappointment. I thought he was a good signing at the time too. Kinda gave him a pass with poor OL play around him. But this year that’s not the case. Not ready to judge it completely after 1 week. But he needs to up his play. AVT outplayed everyone on the OL last week and he’s a rookie

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Every off season we spend a lot of time on FA pickups, and the last six years we flat struck out, the jury is still out on Mosley. The last productive FA  players, were Marshall & Decker they both had thousand yards receiving in the same year, and that was seven years ago. There was a time in our history from 1995 thru 2008 when we struck gold with FA pickups, look at this list of players, Thomas Jones, Curtis Martim, Kevin Mawre, Wayne Chrebet, Brandon Moore, Calvin Pace, Bart Scott, Alan Faneca, Victor Green, Damiem Woody, Vinny Testaverde. The combo of poor drafting & signing sub par FA is why we lost fifteen of our last seventeen games. Look at all the FA offensive lineman we brough in the last several years and the line still sucks.


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8 minutes ago, rickyt31 said:

I'm expecting Fant to struggle a little as he gets comfortable playing on the left side again. Although he's done it before, it's just not easy to do it in one week. 

Didn't he practice at LT when Becton was out with a concussion the last 10 days or so of camp? Hopefully that's the case because it should make it a little easier for him. 

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