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I traded for Mayfield - Dome's 3-year GM Mock - Year Two


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Some of you may be aware I'm doing a GM mock over the next 3 seasons. I'm going to do my best to see how I fair putting a team together post Brees. Here's a link if you wanted to check out the full detailed mock. I try to make it realistic and have rules about how I can sign players or make trades to keep things fair. So far I personally believe I've put a more competitive team than the 2021 Saints, but I'm leveraged into 2022 quite a bit more than they are as well because I kept the ****-ball rolling where the IRL Saints seemed to rip the bandaid off this year.

For those you you less interested in the full mock, I'll just post my roster here. I'd like to know how you guys like what I'm doing so far.


QB: Jameis Winston, Taysom Hill, Trevor Siemian

Nothing too shocking here, I opted to run with Siemian as the developmental QB and passed on Ian Book. I have more faith in Payton turning Winston into something workable than most do I think. Taysom Hill will see playing time at RB/TE/Slot more than as a change-of-pace QB like he was with Brees at the helm, I'd like to see Winston be "THE" QB and not have Taysom breathing down his neck and taking snaps.

RB: Alvin Kamara, Wayne Gallman, Ty Montgomery Tony Jones

Losing Latavius Murray sucks but I think Gallman is a really strong #2. Ty Montgomery will play the same role he did for us last season, he was an excellent emergency option. Tony Jones was a strong ST player in college and he's got the size and strength to take some reps at FB when needed, that's probably a better NFL fit for him anyways given his blocking abilities and lack of true RB athleticism. 

WR: Michael Thomas, Emmanuel Sanders, Deonte Harris, Trequan Smith, Cornell Powell, Kawaan Baker (Marquez Callaway, Lil'Jordan Humphrey)

I'll look to trade Smith to the first team that has a WR disaster situation due to injury. I love Baker's ST ability and Cornell Powell is a guy I think can fill a role similar to what Sanders is doing. The Willie Snead/Lance Moore role. Michael Thomas is going to put Winston's cannon to use. There are some misconceptions about Thomas' ability as a deep threat and I think they're going to be put to rest now that we have a QB that can actually throw deep. Marquez is likely to make the team as well, but he needs to show he's ready to be more than an emergency WR. 

TE: Adam Trautman, Garrett Griffin, Ethan Wolfe

This is shakey. I may look to sign a vet or make a trade for someone. Taysom Hill will see a lot of work with the TE group so it's not as bad as this list indicates, but if Trautman doesn't keep building on a decent rookie campaign he could be destined to be a Josh Hill type who never broke out after his promising 2nd season. 

OL: Terron Armstead, Andrus Peat, Cesar Ruiz, Erik McCoy, Ryan Ramczyk, Trey Smith, Calvin Throckmorton, Derrick Kelly

Same as last year, but Ruiz moves over to C and McCoy takes over at RG. Rumors are that the Saints wanted to make this switch last year but Brees wanted the continuity with McCoy in the middle of the line like the year before. Trey Smith could push Andrus Peat and can fill in at both G and T positions as he transitions to the NFL. 


DE: Cam Jordan, Marcus Davenport, Carlos Basham, Carl Granderson, Noah Spence

Cam is coming back strong next season. People want to talk about his step back this year but rarely do I see any reference to the serious surgery he was recovering from. He's never been seriously injured before but the surgery was no joke, he'll come back next year and show he's still got plenty left in the tank. Make or break year for Davenport. He needs to stay healthy, there's no denying how disruptive he is on the field. Carlos Basham is an excellent replacement for Trey Hendrickson and has the ability to kick inside for a bit of interior push. He's strong and heavy handed. Not a refined pass rusher by any means, but he can move people around. Took him must one pick before his IRL selection, 

DT: David Onyemata, Shy Tuttle, Malcolm Roach, Christian Ringo, Ryan Glasgow

I'm putting a lot of faith in Shy Tuttle taking a step forward. Outside of Onyemata we don't have much for pass rushers in this group. Basham Davenport and Cam all have the size and length to be useful inside so we may have to rely on them to do that more often. This line will be more oriented towards run-stopping than it has been in the past, but that isn't a bad thing due to going more coverage heavy in the linebacking corps. 

LB: Demario Davis, Jeremiah Owusu-Koramoah, Dylan Moses, Zach Baun, Kaden Ellis

Don't need to expand on Demario, he's an every down player. JOK will be a huge benefit when we need a TE or Slot WR covered, Anzalone was a great athlete but struggled playing sound fundamental football at times. He's a tweener for the LB/S position but he's going to be greatly benefited by playing behind a hefty line geared towards stopping the run and controlling the pocket. I think this will give JOK lots opportunities to make impact plays behind the LOS and showcase his coverage abilities, he can be a game changer. Dylan Moses was a good value in the 7th and could potentially be an upgrade over Zach Baun at very little cost.

CB: Marshon Lattimore, Janoris Jenkins, CJ Gardner-Johnson, Paulson Adebo, Grant Haley, Keith Washington

I was able to retain Jenkins and still traded up for Paulson Adebo. Really excited about this secondary and that's why I felt comfortable without a pass rusher in the 1st behind the oft-injured Davenport. CJ Gardner-Johnson will man the slot duties with JOK and can play some safety whenever we need to get Malcolm Jenkins off the field for speed concerns. Adebo being a dime CB is an awesome thing, he can fill in for injuries and line up against 3rd and 4th WRs as he gets up to NFL speed after a year off. 

S: Marcus Williams, Malcolm Jenkins, JT Gray

Not a lot of depth here, but I can find someone in FA or during cuts. Could even bring back a guy like PJ Williams at next to nothing because he sucks. But for depth, he knows the defense and team.

ST: Wil Lutz and Blake Gillikin, Zach Wood

This is what I expect the Saints IRL ST room to look like, so not much to explain. 

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Since this got so much talk the first time around, I'll update you on what my Saints roster looked like as I got under the cap. CGM, Onyemata, Peat all have big cap his I can still restructure, but I'm currently $2.5m under the cap.


Quarterback Runningback Wide Receiver Tight End Left Tackle Left Guard Center Right Guard Right Tackle
Taysom Hill Alvin Kamara Michael Thomas Adam Trautman   Andrus Peat Erik McCoy Trey Smith Ryan Ramczyk
  Tony Jones Marquez Callaway Ethan Wolf     Ceasar Ruiz Calvin Throckmorton  
            Zach Wood - LS    
Defensive End UT NT Linebacker Cornerback Strong Safety Free Safety Kicker Punter
Cam Jordan David Onyemata   Demario Davis Marshon Lattimore Chauncey Gardner-Johnson Marcus Williams Wil Lutz Blake Gillikin
Marcus Davenport Malcolm Roach   Jerimiah Owusu-Kamorah Paulson Adebo   JT Gray    
Carlos Basham     Zach Baun Janoris Jenkins        
      Kaden Ellis          
      Andrew Dowell          
      Marcus Willoughby          
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Well I went and done it now.

8 hours ago, Dome said:

I'm trading for Baker Mayfield. If this is WAY off base in favor of me, I will cancel it. But based on what I read and some fan input I think this is a reasonable trade.

Saints get:
Baker Mayfield - 1 year @ $1,858,000 

Browns get:
$17m dead cap hit
2022 Round 2 #49
2023 Round 3 
C/OC Caesar Ruiz - 2 years @ $3m per year w/ 5th year option.
OLB Zach Baun - 2 years @ $1.125 per year.


Sitting at $7m in cap room for 2022 (another ~$15-20m available easily) with needs at OT, WR and TE. Really solid team I think though. Should be competitive if people can stay healthy.


Quarterback Runningback Wide Receiver Tight End Left Tackle Left Guard Center Right Guard Right Tackle
Baker Mayfield Alvin Kamara Michael Thomas Juwan Johnson   Andrus Peat Erik McCoy Trey Smith Ryan Ramczyk
Blake Bortles Tony Jones Deonte Harty Adam Trautman       Calvin Throckmorton  
    Marquez Callaway Ethan Wolf          
            Zach Wood - LS    
Defensive End UT NT Linebacker Cornerback Strong Safety Free Safety Kicker Punter
Cam Jordan David Onyemata Shy Tuttle Demario Davis Marshon Lattimore Chauncey Gardner-Johnson Marcus Williams Wil Lutz Blake Gillikin
Marcus Davenport Malcolm Roach   Jeremiah Owusu-Kamorah Paulson Adebo   JT Gray    
Carlos Basham     Kaden Ellis Janoris Jenkins        
Carl Granderson     Andrew Dowell          
      Marcus Willoughby          




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5 minutes ago, Mid Iowa said:

I'm confused. Janoris Jenkins? Marcus Williams? Aren't they gone?

check the date on the OP...

this mock began in 2021 after brees last season. both dbs were both retained that offseason.

this is year 2 update, the full mock is in the link

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