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The Texans Draft and Historical Reference Points


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The Texans are a hot mess. I think we are all pretty clear as to why.

  • They are run by a 2-bit cult of Easterby
  • They have an owner who appears to know very little about the league
  • They have a GM who was a BB yes man before maybe becoming an Easterby Yes man?
  • They have a very weak roster.
  • They signed a bunch of mediocrities in the offseason including like 5 special teams players.
  • They had no picks until round 3 but still had a random chance at picking some impact players with 8 picks.
  • Their fairly awful roster has been strip mined of talent by a series of bad trades.
  • The mosquito sprayer truck full of Febreze that covered up for that stink, Deshawn Watson, will never play for them again.
    • This was crystal clear even before it got weird and nasty and just overall bad

I will start off by digging into taking the 8th QB off the board in round 3 by looking at all QBs who were 8th off the board in the Super Bowl Era

Maybe these guys are not the smartest brain trust to ever run a team but they can't be worse than monkeys at typewriters so lest see what we have.

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Tim Jones
Kim Hammond
Larry Good
Mike Cilek

Joe Theismann (Dolphins)  He never signed with Miami and went to the CFL for 4 years.
Miami traded him to DC where he got to 2 Super Bowls, and was a franchise QB until LT.
77-47 as a starter

Miami went to 3 straight Super Bowls after drafting him, so they did not miss him in Canada. They got a 1st rounder from DC for him so they got huge value even if the SB payoff with the actual QB was in DC


Mike Franks
Randy Mattingly
Jesse Freitas

Pat Haden - He started out 25-7-1 in 3 years and started 5 playoff games (all 5 were vs Minnesota and Dallas)
He probably went so late because he was 5'11"
He was the starter for the 1979 Rams SB team but he got hurt in week 10 and Ferragamo led them the rest of the way.

Scott Bull
Cliff Olander
Rob Hertel
*Chuck Fusina  (won 2 titles in the USFL Stars)
Gary Hogeboom (18-19 as a starter with bad stats - Danny White's backup in Dallas for a while)
Mike Ford
Luke Tousignant
Reggie Collier
Randy Wright (7-25 as a Packers starter)
Buddy Funck

Mark Rypien (Damn, Joe Gibbs was a beast of a coach) 4 1/2 years as a good starter for DC including that magical 1991

I'd count him as a franchise QB even if the run was short, it sure burned bright.

Steve Beuerlein 8-7 with the Raiders before a dispute with Al Davis (imagine that!) a journeyman who peaked with a pro bowl at age 34 on team 5

Bud Keyes
Jeff Francis

Scott Mitchell (Dolphins) played a bit in Miami and flashed enough to get a free agent deal. One pro bowl level season in Detroit at age 27. He is probably treated harsher than he deserves, but he was not great.

Craig Erikson (Philly) He did nto reach a deal and went back into the next draft (Tampa) he then sucked
Chris Hakel

Trent Green (Chargers)
Journeyman QB who carved out a decent run in KC with those early 2000 Priest Holmes and dominant O-line teams
Most famous for getting hurt in St Lousi in 1999

Steve Matthews
Chad May
Kyle Wachholtz
Koy Detmer
Moses Moreno
Joe Germaine
Todd Husak  (taken after Brady)
Mike McMahon  (truly dreadful in Detroit and Philly, 3-11 record with a 55 career rating)
Kurt Kittner
Brian St Pierre
Andy Hall
Stefan Lefors (Anderson, Cassel, and Fitz(14th QB taken) went later)
Brad Smith
Jeff Rowe
Josh Johnson
Tom Brandstater
Rusty Smith
Ricky Stanzi

Kirk Cousins - Another very good player that I would consider a franchise QB talent. You may have issues with him and not love him but he can play.

He was the best player in the league for an entire month in 2019, for example and his rating is 6th all-time at the moment.

Brad Sorenson
Aaron Murray
Only 7 Selected in 2015

Dak Prescott - This was a clear home run selection of a franchise QB. I can get into it with Cowboys fans about if he is Elite or top 10 or top 5 but no doubt he is a very good QB taken after 7 other guys went off the board.


Nathan Peterman
Mike White
Easton Stick
Jake Fromm

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