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Where will the Raiders Offense and Defense Rank?


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The one I like to use is DVOA, much better than PPG or YPG. 

Last year the Raiders were 14th in Offensive DVOA (I’m sure most assumed we were Top 10, but we had way too many bad games: Colts, Falcons, Bucs, etc, plus our run game was kind of meh last year). We were also 31st in Defensive DVOA (yikes!). 

My Opinion:

Offensive Ceiling: 5th

Offensive Floor: 20th

Likely: 13th

My thoughts: Everything would have to go perfect for 5th-8th. Leatherwood and James perform extremely well, Ruggs breaks out, Carr even better than 2020, Waller still Waller, Jacobs/Drake have solid years. 

To finish 18th-20th, it would probably be our OL Experiment completely failing. Which is honestly a pretty decent possibility…


Defensive Ceiling: 14th

Defensive Floor: 27th

Likely: 22nd

I just can’t see us being a Bottom 5 Defense with Gus Bradley. I mean I wouldn’t be shocked what so ever if we hit the floor at 27th. 

To reach the ceiling, everything would have to go right. Moehrig looks good his rookie year, Abram develops, Yannick resurges, LB corps plays better, Hayward regains his form, etc. 



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