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2021 49ers Schedule (Rumors)

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Just saw this after my last post.


3 minutes ago, J-ALL-DAY said:

Interesting that FOX is going to lose the SF/GB game in back to back years for their Sunday afternoon premiere game...Though it was on FOX on TNF last year. 

Need to bank the early games in as the season picks up late in the season. 

Will there be two bye weeks this year or still only one? 

Pretty sure still one. I think one bye is still ok, but I'm really confused why the rosters didn't expand with the additional game on the schedule. I was hoping to see a 55 man roster and a bigger game-day roster as well.

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So right now, with all of the rumors, here is our schedule:

1. @DET

2. @PHI

3. GB (SNF)




7. IND (SNF)

8. @CHI



11. @JAX

12. MIN

13. @SEA (SNF)



16. @TEN (TNF)




I would assume that weeks 17 and 18 are 100% division games. Weeks 14 and 15 are probably division games as well, or at least one of them should be.


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14 minutes ago, 49erurtaza said:


If we just stay relatively healthy..........................

Still want to sign Sherman or someone like Breeland so I could feel better about the depth of our secondary. 

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Starting the season off against the Lions and Eagles, two teams on the rebound with first year head coaches is great. And maybe in week 3 Rodgers isn't a Packer. We'll see. 

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Posted (edited)

That schedule looks easy as reported. Not sure what the cringe was regarding the late December stretch. Yeah it's a few road games close together, but I'm not seeing a gauntlet of tough opponents. If the 49ers are relatively healthy, and Jimmy G is...at least at 2019 level the team should have a winning record, and be in the playoffs. Especially now with 7 seeds. 

Also, I already know some people are going to be spotlighting having five games scheduled for 10 a.m. PT starts [Detroit Lions (Week 1), Philadelphia Eagles (Week 2), Chicago Bears (Week 8), Jacksonville Jaguars (Week 11), Cincinnati Bengals (Week 14)]. Really though, that won't matter if your squad is good. In the glory days traveling to Atlanta or New Orleans for division games on Sundays weren't a hurdle due to the 49ers being a well oiled machine, and the other teams weren't. Having 5 primetime games balances it out anyway. 

The early BYE week sucks, but other than that I'm very satisfied with how it all shook out. 

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