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2 hours ago, Beck Bristow said:

So negative. Plenty of time here.

I think the window is gone.  They broke camp, first game is Sunday.  They won't get it done once they start the tag game.  It's rare for any team to get a deal done once they start using the franchise tag.

Odds say in a few years, he'll be gone.

1 hour ago, THE DUKE said:

Worst case scenario we franchise him the next two years

I think they'll tag him once, maybe twice.  And then he'll be gone.

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2 hours ago, Johnny Nix said:

Which is a shame. The price is only going to go up. Not sure what the Bengals we’re trying to achieve with this one. 

I really can't get in their head on this one either.

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1 hour ago, sparky151 said:

Bates doesn't deserve Jamal Adams money but does deserve Justin Simmons or Budda Baker money. Team should have paid him before Adams raised the bar.

I agree with your latter point.  The former, i'd say that the number is immaterial.  You can't afford to let a guy like this go.  Or even be unhappy.  They should have just paid the man whatever it took.

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17 hours ago, theJ said:

And i say that because they have a crap ton of money, and have a history (short, albeit), of overpaying FA's.  Overpay your own guy.

The problem is they didn't have the foresight to set it up to allow for the offensive stars to all get paid down the road.  It was simple really.  Let's use 4 year/$60 million extension as the deal.  Give him a $20 mill ROSTER bonus now, and add it to his deal this year without raising the contract.  That leaves $40 mill to be divided up relatively evenly over the next four years, but they still could have gone a bit heavier, say $12-13 mill so they had more available cap space down the road when it's time to pay Jonah, Higgins, Burrow and Chase to mega extensions in that order.  The roster bonus allows them to take the cap hit this year instead of spreading it out, like a signing bonus would.  


The front office is being somewhat cheap on this.  The price to tag him will be around 12 mill next year, so the team figures they are saving money long term for the cap. Which is kinda stupid, given they don't have that many holes moving forward after this year.  And a couple of free agents and a good draft class can fill those.  If anything, they should consider moving on from Waynes and slide that money straight to Bates.

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