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Chiefs trade for CB Mike Hughes


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Don't have a link atm, but just swapping our 2022 6th rounder for the Vikings 2022 7th rounder and Hughes.

He's a former 2018 1st round pick with an extensive injury list.


Hughes has 13 passes defensed, three fumble recoveries and two interceptions in 24 career games. He has missed more than half of them to injuries, first tearing the ACL in his left knee as a rookie. He cracked a bone in his neck in the last regular-season game in 2019 that kept him out of the playoffs, and that trouble persisted last year, limiting him to four games.


We didn't give up much so it's not a terrible gamble. I don't recall being a big fan of his coming out. Hopefully the injury bug is behind him (doubtful).

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I noted this in the free agency thread. Did you notice that Hughes and DeAndre Bakers were both picked #30, in consecutive years. Baker is coming off a broken femur (leg bone). 

Even if they are not ready in September, we still have Ward, Sneed, Fenton and Keyes. Baker's broken leg should be predictable in medical terms. The teams inactivity in the FA market and draft tends to indicate the team thinks that they have players to fill their needs. Also note that Juan Thornhill is available to play single deep safety, which was not true last year. 


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Veach just cant help himself. I mean with the situation the Chiefs are in, these sorts of annual moves for former first round picks do make sense.

At least we got him on a sweet deal. If he plays well thats a win and hopefully a future compensatory pick.

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Baker and Hughes both were pretty similar prospects coming out.  Skill wise at least.    I wasn’t a huge fan of either,  but I didn’t dislike either.    

I won’t question what Veach and Spags do in the defensive backfield,   They both seem to have good chemistry on what they want and have gotten excellent production from these low tier moves.     CB5/6 is gonna be a battle if no one starts on PUP. 

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