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Mafia Game: Mwils Sendoff! GAME OVER. jason (serial killer) wins!!

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@MD4L was eliminated. he was town - fake claim detector

@Nazgul was hit. he was vanilla town

@Daboyle was endgamed - vanilla town


Congrats to @jasonwbantle for winning! 

What a masterful game to avoid getting eliminated (or even a hit attempt) the entire game to meet his wincon of making the final two.

he also killed both scum members!

he was the Bulletproof Serial kiler!

(didnt need the bulletproof part even)


Scum team: josh/squire.

traitor: carl (aligned with scum but scum and traitor didnt know each who each other was. evidenced by squire killing carl.

other: jason. got to choose his role from the 4 below

rest: town

On 5/14/2021 at 10:15 AM, Malfatron said:

name: Yolo

alignment: You are currently Aligned with Yourself. You win if at any point you fulfill a win condition granted to you by an ability (see below)

active ability:


 At any point you may point out a role claim from the following list that you have made in the thread to me via PM:

I am a Mason with [Playername].
I am a friendly neutral survivor.
I am a nightkill immune miller vig.
I am a cop.

If you claim to be a Mason, you will gain a discord with the player you claimed masons with. If that player already has access to a nonfactional discord, you will instead be added to that discord. You will win if at the end of the game at least one of the players who has been in that discord is still alive.

If you claim to be a friendly neutral survivor, you will become a 1 shot bulletproof member of the town, with the standard town wincondition.

If you claim to be a nightkill immune miller vig, you will become a fully bulletproof Serial Killer.

If you claim to be a cop, you will become a neutral survivor.

You must point out the post in which you claim to me for this power to activate, and you must do so in the same phase in which it is made. Once you have used this power, it will become a fakeclaim and you will no longer have it as an active ability.

passive ability:

Even if you later are given mod provided Fakeclaims, you will never appear to have a Fakeclaim for any mechanics.


fake claim

You know the following power is not held by a player:

Name: Fun for All


Every night you must target a player. That player will gain this power. You will become aligned with the town when you have been targeted by all Living Players



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heres a brief game descrption and dead chat


game setup info.
The 2 man scum team and the scum traitor were told each other exists, but didnt know names.
The strategy would be to subtley signal each other.
because the traitor has a power that can make fake claims into real powers.
And one of the scum (buff) had a fake claim to try to recruit the traitor. so essentially, the traitor would need to use his power on the scum. who then can use it to recruit the traitor into the mafia discord.
Also, the other scum (josh) had the power to give out fake claims. seems like a crappy power without knowing the other roles.
however, theres a town role (md4l) that can detect if someone has a fake claim. So josh could slowly obfuscate any results there.

carl as the traitor automatically dies if both of the other mafia (squire/josh and buff) are killed

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town literally caused 0 scum deaths

jason killed 2 scum

squire(scum) accidentally killed his own partner carl (they didnt know each other)

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Sorry for lying guys. Everything I said was true about picking my role I just chose the bulletproof serial killer instead and made a hit every single night. I’m the only one who killed both scum in this game. Just had to get out ppl who were coming after me and last to final 2. Thanks for playing everyone 

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Just now, jasonwbantle said:

Sorry for lying guys. 

thats the essence of mafia :)

you should play more for sure, but watch out for the heat now that people know what you are capable of :)


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Just now, MD4L said:

Good game. Nice play by mafia.

Well, techically, jason was an indy serial killer.

the scum team died with squire

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