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2021 Baker thread


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6 minutes ago, mtmmike said:

As Bakers agent I have more yards 

Then Allen .

Better completion percentage

More touchdowns and we both lost to Mahomes.

I am the qb that is on pace to beat

Manning ,Breese, and Bradys passing mark open the vault because you Would not extend me before Dak



Everybody catching fades from Mike today

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The benefit of the doubt sides with Baker across all issues IMO.

Accuracy was exceptional early in the year, now it is poop, this happened after the shoulder.

Baker and OBJ chemistry is bad, but OBJ hasn't looked like the same player since his 1st and second year in Cleveland bar a couple of games, NYJ and the Coboyws game.  

Id love to see Baker get healthy and OBJ get good, but that is unlikely to happen this season. I think Bakers shoulder is likely to linger all season and need surgery, unless we are very fortunate. Either way we need to figure this out somehow. 

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2 hours ago, big poppa pump said:

He is definitely off with the touch passes.  When he can just let it rip, he looks fine.  I noticed the happy feet again, when he had plenty of time.  IDK....but I hope he gets right soon.

Could be a combination of reasons:

Baker's shoulder is f'd up.

Baker not trusting the pass protection. Can't blame him since the pass protection from the OTs has not been good this season.

WRs not getting separation. Was definitely the case today.

And lastly, him feeling like he needs to always look for OBJ.

If I had to guess, I'd say his shoulder is the main culprit but it could be any or all of the reasons I mentioned. Regardless, he needs to get it together because today was the worst he's ever looked under Stefanski with the exception of maybe the first Pittsburgh game last season.

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Baker Mayfield's has two effective pitches that become his super powers when he's in the zone and dialed in: 1.) Pinpoint Accuracy and 2.) Getting the ball out quickly

At his best, escapability to extend plays is his effective 3rd pitch but given the elevated athleticism in the league it's not a go to ability that finds success all the time in critical moments.

Projecting Baker's ceiling always relied on the belief that his study of the game and mind would allow him to thrive at the highest levels of QB play and take the next step in the blueprint of limited athleticism elite QBs like Drew Brees.

However, beyond the old guard of Tom Brady, Aaron Rodgers, and Matthew Stafford, all other top tier QBs in the league have many different effective pitches that they can go to and rely on when their other primary pitches aren't working that allow them to play winning football consistently. 

Kyler Murray, Justin Herbert, Russell Wilson, Deshaun Watson, Lamar Jackson, Josh Allen, Patrick Mahomes, and Dak Prescott can survive stretches when their pinpoint accuracy or getting the ball out quickly fall off at times.

Top defensive play and a streaky QB play that teeters between quality play and bad misses is what caused Sean McVay to believe that Jared Goff just wasn't good enough, especially b/c the wide zone, play action offense provides easy in rhythm layups to the QB. 

Kyle Shanahan made it known in his critique of Jimmy G that the designed in high completion % in this offense doesn't mean anything if the big opportunity plays in critical moments can't be made.

Today's version of Baker is the Jared Goff and Jimmy G trajectory that we all hope Baker can still break free from in favor of reaching the higher heights of his play ability. That's the QB that can make the plays that are given to him more time than not, but cannot make the plays that require next level anticipation or to make a play when it's not easy.

Whatever Alex Van Pelt, Stefanski, Case Keenum, and Baker can do to get him out of this funk (injury or not), they have to do. The Browns have no options available to him to upgrade the QB position. Trading up from 25 for Justin Fields instead of the Bears trading up from 20 was the Browns only viable path to get a longterm quality top tier QB prospect with multiple effective pitches.


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Baker has earned the benefit of the doubt from me. 


He isnt as inaccurate as he was today, unless something is going on. I think it is the left shoulder putting out his throwing motion.

If his shoulder is that dogged, it is going to be a very long recovery. It was reported as  a subluxation iirc which often leads to muscles tears and instability. When these guys throw the ball there is a heap of power and torque going through their joints, that is hard on a bad shoulder.

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1 hour ago, brownie man said:

I can’t believe he missed Felton

that was the worst one for me

if we are going to win long term it’s because he hits Felton there and not him running it 

that was one weird game 

The Njoku and Schwartz misses in the Kansas City game were by far the worse misses to me. 

At least with Felton and the misses this game and the previous one could attributed to injury even if that's not really the case.

The Kansas City final drive misses in back to back critical game deciding drives in big moments are the most worrisome misses to me. A top QB can't miss those and he was clean in the pocket on both.

Both were routine pitches and catches to wide open targets.

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This one is weird for me. In years past I would be happy with simply getting the win but I have such high expectations of this team I feel disappointed. Credit to the defense for being good enough to carry a lousy offensive performance to a win. 

As for the obj stuff. My guess is stefanski calls plays where obj is the 1st read or the designated route which is why it seems baker is “forcing” it to him. It’s a safe bet to assume the majority of our passing gameplan revolves around getting beckham the ball. 

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