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Training Camp Hype Train v.2021


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Obviously our focus is on Mac in camp this year but Im excited to see:

How Judon is utilized

Who is TE1 - we all loved both Jonnu and Hunter coming here. I mean we got Smith and thought ok thats it and then the next day, Henry. So how do they use this pair? Is Hunter even going to be used as a blocker or is he just gonna run routes? Who is out their in 1 TE sets? Is it split? What are the snap counts going to look like? Are we base TE2?

Who comes out on our front as the dominant force? We added so many solid players to our DL but I need to know who separates themselves from the pack. My guess is davon godchaux. 

Who is the stand out rookie who actually contributes outside of Mac? My money is on Ronnie Perkins becoming a sack specialist in his first year in situational football. He won't see the field a ton outside of long downs. 

Who emerges as our #1 Receiver? Honestly, this could change completely based on who is under center. If its Cam, I think Agholor sees the most balls. If its Mac, I think Meyers sees the most from the WR group. 

Is this Gunner's year? Can he do what Jules did when Wes left and fill that role? I hope so but I am not optimistic. Probably the dude I am rooting for most in camp. 

Does Harry finally put it together? A lot of us have already written him off but this is his make or break year. He either puts a season together or his NFL career is done. 

Who is the odd man out in the RB room? My DC right now would be:
1. Damien Harris
2. Sony Michel
3. James White
4. Rhamondre Stevenson
5. JJ Taylor
6. Brandon Bolden

I can see Bolden making it over JJ for ST purposes. 

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26 minutes ago, Deadpulse said:

Also the greatest camp battle of all... the KICKER BATTLE

Incumbent Nick Folk

UDFA Quinn Nordin

Wildcard Roberto Aguayo

This is the most exciting and underrated battle.

I think JJ is good enough to start any random given game but he will be a stash and probably get signed by the Texans. Unless Michel gets traded. If Bolden is cut is because he lost something over sitting out 2020.

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2 minutes ago, IheartMyV8 said:

#11... too soon, man.  Too soon.

The bright side of this....


The last detail in the sentence above -- with the Patriots -- is the most important for Edelman's immediate future. He told NFL Network's Michael Irvin recently that despite the rumblings of a move south to Tampa coming almost immediately after Edelman announced his retirement, that isn't happening.

"I'm a one team guy," Edelman told Irvin on the Michael Irvin Podcast.


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