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WR1 Tournament Round 1: Chris Godwin vs DK Metcalf


WR1 Tournament: Chris Godwin vs DK Metcalf  

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  1. 1. WR1 Tournament: Chris Godwin vs DK Metcalf

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Chris Godwin





DK Metcalf



This will run for six days and end May 26th. For more information, check our the main Tournament Topic. There is no seeds and matchups were randomized. At the end of the Tournament, one man will be crowned FootballsFuture's Official Top WR in the NFL. 



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Metcalf will be an interesting case this year. The first half of the season last year he looked like the second coming of Randy Moss, but built like a tank. Second half of the year he became wildly inconsistent and no where close as good as his first half. He especially needs to work on catching the football consistently. 

With that said, I still easily take Metcalf over Godwin here. 

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Just now, Blackstar12 said:

Godwin is a bit strange he drops easy passes sometimes but then makes ridiculous catches. DK is the overall better player though he gets my vote.

You just described Metcalf as well. They both make WTF catches and drop some pretty easy balls. Perfect 1st Round Matchup lol. DK is like a much much better version of Godwin imo. 

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Godwin is very proficient in his route running and I think he’s a talented option, but DK plays the game like he fell into a batch of toxic waste (superpowers trope for the uninitiated). He’s got the potential to be the next Julio Jones and he’s got the work ethic to get it done.

I have no reason to doubt his ability to develop further in his craft and continue to ascend.

Lastly, I find DKM to be more clutch. I don’t know the stats of it all, it just feels like Metcalf has shown me more in big games while Godwin hasn’t.

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