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EC Round 1: (1) 76ers vs (8) Wizards


Who wins the series?  

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  1. 1. Winner?

    • 76ers in 4
    • 76ers in 5
    • 76ers in 6
    • 76ers in 7
    • Wizards in 4
    • Wizards in 5
    • Wizards in 6
    • Wizards in 7

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Game 1 (Philadelphia): Sunday, May 23 (1:00 PM ET)

Game 2 (Philadelphia): Wednesday, May 26 (7:00 PM ET)

Game 3 (Washington): TBD

Game 4 (Washington): TBD

Game 5 (Philadelphia): TBD

Game 6 (Washington): TBD

Game 7 (Philadelphia): TBD

* If necessary * 

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8 hours ago, DoleINGout said:

I wonder if Daniel Goffard will get starter minutes like he probably should. Wiz can possibly get hot and shoot themselves into a win or two but I feel like their lack of depth and battered Beal will lead to frustration and a Westbrook implosion.

Totally agree with this post and those above which think the Wiz can steal a game but that’s it. I have the Sixers winning 4-1 as well.

Totally agree that Gafford should get starters minutes against Embid, people may not realize this but, the Wizards didn’t have Gafford for any of the games they played vs the 76ers. Gafford’s staple is his defense which is something that Bryant, Lopez & Wagner struggled with trying to guard Embid in their 3 meetings this year. I’m not saying Gafford can shut down Embid, but I think he and Len’s size and athleticism will make it harder for Embid to score on us than what he faced early in the season.

Where the Wizards have a huge problem - as most teams do agains the Sixers - is matching up with their size. As everyone knows they go 7’, 6’11 & 6’8 across the front line. The Wizards have the size & 3 bodies to throw at Embid w/ Gafford, Len & Lopez but they don’t have anyone who can stop Simmons. 

The Wizards have also employed a 3 guard line up almost the entire season and especially wince Deni Avdija broke his ankle. They don’t have the size to guard the Sixers front line with their regular rotation but, they do have a forward Anthony Gill who’s a hustle/defensive guy who’s athletic but Brooks rarely plays him bc he likes his Mighty Mouse PGs, Ish & Neto.

I proposed something in the Washington Football Team forum that I haven’t got a response to yet from anyone but, I’ll throw it out here as well and see what people think:

I know people probably don’t know much about Anthony Gill, he was the PF on for the University of Virginia like 5 years ago. He’s always been a defensive minded, hustle guy who’s athletic and csn hit the occasional open 3 Just wondering if people think like I do that Brooks should start Anthony Gill over going with a 3 guard line up of Westbrook, Neto & Beal or have you all even watched the Wizards enough to know?

I hate to sit Neto bc I love what he brings to our offense but he’s a huge liability on defense, especially in this series when the Sixers front line goes 6’8, 6’11 & 7’. 

I feel like Gill would be the perfect guy for the Ben Simmons assignment in this series. I think Gill should start and he should guard Simmons. If it’s not Gill, it’s going to have to be Rui to guard Simmons but then we have to have someone with the size to guard Tobias Harris too.

I think our best bet is to start Gill, have him guard Simmons and Rui can guard Harris. With Gill all he needs to focus on is D, it makes a lot of sense to have him lock in on guarding Simmons to me.

At 6’8, 230 Gill is the best to handle Simmons of our forwards IMO and he has defensive mindset and  toughness to do so also. And, unlike Rui, Gill doesn’t need to be counted on for offense that much so it makes more sense to me to have him take that assignment and Rui to take the Tobias Harris assignment.

I love Neto, but starting him in this series doesn’t make sense to me given the size of the Sixers.

Basically, if Gill doesn’t start & check Simmons who’s going to guard Simmons in our line up?

Russ or Beal on Simmons would be a terrible mismatch, he’ll get whatever he wants driving vs them all day bc he’s 8 inches taller than them and outweighs them by 30 plus pounds. 

Brooks is going to have to make a defensive move for once in his coaching career by inserting Anthony Gill into his starting line up for and put Neto on the bench in favor of starting Gill so that they can have someone out there who can guard Simmons.

What say you?

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Brooks sucks, he needs to put Anthony Gill in there to guard Simmons. I knew Brooks wouldn’t change up his line up to match the Sixers size. The Wizards can’t defend w/ this line up vs the Sixers who go 7’, 6’11 & 6’8 across the their front line. 

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