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Nacho Simulation Football League (Season 22 - Taco Bowl XXII POSTED!)

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26 minutes ago, swoosh said:

Kyler outplayed Russ (separate games), but my replacement D has their best game yet. Wild. 

Russ inspired them just like he did the legion of boom irl

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56 minutes ago, TL-TwoWinsAway said:

We watched it together. She was pissed at Rodgers... starts the game with an INT, then a bunch of incompletions on key plays. I still gotta figure things out.

**** my dm’s about to blow up. 

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10 minutes ago, TL-TwoWinsAway said:

It is sort of... beautiful... that the second best pass-catcher in our game was Pitts, a TE.

It’s also beautiful that it lead you to a win………oh……wait 

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38 minutes ago, TL-TwoWinsAway said:

Oh boy. It's the "Tim Tebow is a great QB because WINZ" argument again...

I forgot the point of the game was to get your TE the most yards. My B 

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