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Compare NFL teams to teams in other leagues

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Patriots = Manchester United. 

Dominant for most of the 00s, hated by most, fans (?) all over the country collected due to success, when they lost their key player/coach it was predictable in that it would go South.


Cowboys = Brazil National Football Team

Huge expectations, most fans, used to be dominant during a number of different period, incredibly important for their city/country, but ultimately now always under-perform and haven't won it all for ages


Peak Chiefs = Peak Warriors

After being disappointed in the playoffs a few times, the talent on the roster shines through and they are utterly dominant for a short period of time. Considered to have 2 of the greatest talents on their roster

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Houston Rockets - Houston Texans

Both teams executed some really strange trades to build towards a championship with a weak roster, both have/had elite talent request to be traded, both are in the middle of a complete teardown with a sub standard roster and a puppet coaching staff there to take the brunt of the tank. Both sides are looking to gather as many assets as possible between now and a path to relevance.

(Ironically, both teams look like the Bo Porter-led 2013 Houston Astros).

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Washington Capitals -----> Green Bay Packers

Quality team every year with one of the best in the league at the top (Ovi and Rodgers), only to have one Super Bowl/Cup to show for it, and many collapses in the playoffs.

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