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On 7/2/2021 at 8:46 PM, berlin calling said:

a minute later Insigne scores the goal of the tournament.

Belgium fails to put their talent together again. Should get a new coach. They have the talent to challenge anybody, yet playing way to passive.

Were they actually that good ?

KDB is world class but was injured, Hazard is past his best. Lukaku is decent but not necessarily better than forwards of other nations. The defence is old. They were a good team but not sure expectations should have been much beyond. Maybe semis would have been par but obviously a tricky draw.

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On 7/7/2021 at 10:51 PM, DreamKid said:

Penalty was crazy soft and England in general seems to have little pride when it comes to tumbling on the grass(A gust of wind is all it takes), but they wanted it more in this one. Denmark's subs played like sh*t, their starters(Braithwaite in particular) weren't much better, and all those lobs/crosses to nowhere on attacking runs add up to get the L they took today. Past the first 40 or so minutes the Danes just didn't want it anymore, was disappointing to see. That said, they still have the win of the tourney as Christian Erikson survived his horrific scare(That's worth more to them than the Henri Delaunay Trophy), and they pushed as far as they could in his absence. 

England will have to play much much better against Italy, especially early, if they want a shot at closing out the tourney as champions. 


England are basically the same as every other nation - it was a bit of a dive (if he had been carrying a baby he would have stayed on his feet) but virtually every other forward for every other nation would do the same. Its unfortunate and I don't like it but ultimately inside the area these days defenders can't touch a forward or they will go down.

Think its amusing seeing people say they will support Italy because of the 'dive' when the Italians took play acting and time wasting to the extreme. At least Sterling didn't pretend he had snapped every bone in his leg before jumping up. 

The final is about as 50/50 as it gets. Apart from a few funny moments, England are extremely hard to break down. It could be a final that is best described as attritional if there isn't an early goal. Certainly don't think Italy should scare England but you can probably say the same for the other way round. Whilst England are hard to break down, you should be able to defend against them as well.

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Goodness gracious that's heart breaking for England. They had some nervy moments, but played well enough to take it to penalties. However to lose it like that is soul crushing. My heart goes out for Saka man. 19 years old and missing that penalty in that spot. Poor bloke. Arsenal have a world class player on their hands, but man he's going to have a rough few weaks. I really hope he has a good support system. I thought Grealish brought a lot of life when he came on.

The Italians man, what can you say. Had the worst start possible and fought back to tie and then kept their cool in the penalties. Well deserved winners.

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1 minute ago, BlaqOptic said:

Not sure with Southgate's order and not sure why you'd put Sako in that key spot. God, everything about Italian football is wrong from the rampant racism to the rampant flopping. 

IIRC I read a paper that said for the 2nd team kicking 5th spot is actually the third most important (it goes 4, 3, 5, 2, 1 from most to least). My problem with what Southgate did was waiting so long to bring in the subs. They had no time to get a feel for anything they basically were just coming off the bench and then kicking a penalty. Even just 5 minutes to get some feel for the ball and kicking would have been big. I don't think that means he is responsible for them both missing, but he could have helped them out a bit.

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