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2021 Titans OTA/TC/Preseason Thread

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Anyone watch NFLN today?

They were showing the NFLYearbooks today 

They showed the Titans

This team man, so many ups ab downs 

We were so banged up last year

Titans still won the division 

No Lewan no Sambrailo and Henry still went for 2K

I pray to god we are more healthy this year 

But watching this yearbook has me a little teary eyed not gonna lie

We have studs at a lot of key positions

we are so close to having a shot to win it all

Can’t wait for the season 

49 more days fellas, 49 more days 

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16 minutes ago, -Hope- said:

i am choosing to drink the teair tart kool aid because i don't really want to think about the state of our DL depth if he isn't good. go teair tart!

He was solid last year and made some good plays. For an UDFA with basically  no offseason, he was better than any draft pick from last season. A front 3 of him, Simmons, and Autry should be good against the pass and run. Subpackages, obviously Tart will be the one coming off the field but I do think we finally might have our NT.

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