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WR1 Tournament Semi-Finals: DK Metcalf vs Tyreek Hill

WR1 Tournament: DK Metcalf vs Tyreek Hill  

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  1. 1. WR1 Tournament: DK Metcalf vs Tyreek Hill

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DK Metcalf





Tyreek Hill



This round will run until June 10th 10am PST. For more information, check our the main Tournament Topic. There is no seeds and matchups were randomized. At the end of the Tournament, one man will be crowned FootballsFuture's Official Top WR in the NFL. 

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Definitely Hill for me here. I think Hill is a Top 3 WR in the NFL. He's also Defensive Coordinators #1 nightmare in the NFL. 

I will say though, Metcalf has a chance to win this whole Tournament next year and ascend to the Top WR in the NFL with a monster season. He has all the tools to do so and looked like prime Randy Moss his first 9 games of the season. 

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I fought on this one. Both are unicorns, tbh. Hopkins and Adams in the other poll are great, but there are a much larger handful of WRs that can do what they do, even if they can't do it as well

Nobody really size/speeds like DK, and nobody pure speeds like Hill

I went with DK just because I think that combination is so dynamic, but these guys are both great. 

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