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Bears Cap Allocation: Defense


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RE: Nichols [2.3], Blackson [2]

NT: Goldman [7.8], Tonga [.7]

LE: Hicks [12], Edwards [1.7]

OLB: Quinn [14.7], Attouchu [1.7], Gipson [.9]

ILB: Smith [6], Iggy [1], Woods [.9]

ILB: Trevathan [5], Jones [1]

OLB: Mack [14.7], Vaughters [.9]

CB: Johnson [1.3], Trufant [1], Vildor [.9], Shelley [.9], Graham [.7], Burns [.9]

FS: Jackson [5], DHC [1]

SS: Gipson [1.8], Bush [1]


Fuller [9]

Skrine [3.3]


100.3 million



RE: Blackson [3]

NT: Goldman [12], Tonga [.8]

LE: Edwards [4.2]

OLB: Attouchu [3.1], Gipson [1]

ILB: Smith [9.8]

ILB: Trevathan [6]

OLB: Mack [30]

CB: Johnson [1.7], Vildor [1], Shelley [1], Graham [.8]

FS: Jackson [15]



Quinn [9.5]

Gipson [.8]


99.7 million

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-Wow, our 2022 defensive cap allocation is almost identical to 2021, but we lose half the players.
-15 players on defense in 2022 already make up 10% of the cap for that year.
-This is a mess that needs to be slowly cleaned up
-The Bears need young players on defense to step up and clear up some of this mess.

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1 hour ago, The_Romen said:

What can be done about Mack's cap hit next year?

Not much.  Pace and Laine have restructured his deal once already.  His gtd $$$ will have been paid out this year but his deap cap in 2022 is still $24 mil vs a $30 mil cap hit and at the moment we have no one to replace him.  His 2023 cap isn't much less but his dead cap is only $11.6 mil.

But if the Bears plan on making a SB run over the next 2-3 years we probably need Khalil Mack around and playing productively.  Having a starting QB and LT on rookie contracts coupled with a return to normal cap levels makes Mack's deal much easier to swallow without having to restructure it or release him.

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