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Dolphins extend LB Jerome Baker (3 year, $39M)

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1 hour ago, Jakuvious said:


I don't normally make news threads. I'm really just posting this in hopes that someone can tell me why.



Two reasons.

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1 hour ago, Trentwannabe said:

That seems pricey. Especially if I’m biased and compare it to the Milano deal.

But he’s obviously someone Flores wants for his defense.

Last year was Baker's prove-it year, he responded with 7 sacks. And the guy doesn't even rush the passer full-time, he drops back into coverage quite a bit. His rush/sack rate must be really good, not that I know any org that tracks such an obscure stat. 

With run-stuffing LB Benardrick McKinney acquired via trade, it could free up Baker (who is weak against the run) to do even more pass rushing. 

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6 hours ago, kingseanjohn said:

13mil/year for someone I've never heard of. Glancing at his stats, nothing stands out. I don't get it.

This seals it then. Bad deal

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4 hours ago, Yin-Yang said:

Isn’t he absolutely washed vs the run?

The thing is, if he can cover, that's so much more valuable. That'll get you paid

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This is a pass rush/coverage signing. Run stopping, I think you can tend to find guys easier. But Baker can cover well and he proved last season in somewhat limited rushes, he can get to the QB. That's an asset for any team. It's actually a good signing.

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