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2021 Breakout Player: Defense


Who breaks out on defense?  

11 members have voted

  1. 1. Players:

    • AJ Epenesa
    • Gregory Rousseau
    • Boogie Basham
    • Ed Oliver
    • Tyrel Dodson
    • Andre Smith
    • Dane Jackson
    • Jaquan Johnson
    • Damar Hamlin
    • Other

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Tougher decision than I thought it would be! I'm going with Epenesa over Dane Jackson. I believe both will step up and really shine this season, but AJ's position simply means he will be more likely to make a bigger impact. If he gets pressure, it makes life in the secondary easier. He's also in a better position to affect the run. Doesn't mean I think that Jackson is substandard in any way, just the logistics of being on the DL is more impactful on all defensive plays.

Regarding both Oliver and Edmunds, I think both HAVE to show significant improvement to really come out ahead financially. They both have dealt with injuries, but Edmunds absorbs hits even when he is healthy. Yes, he's in position to make a lot of tackles, but he isn't the one delivering the blows the vast majority of the time. IMO he needs to become that person somehow. Oliver simply needs to get more inside push and have it tallied on a stat sheet. That was his big draw coming out of college and he has too many near misses as opposed to actual TFL/Sacks.

I kind of wish Star Lotulelei was on the list! I feel like I totally undervalued him in the past and am really excited to see him back on our DL this year. We gave up far too many rushing yards for my taste last year and need to fix that ASAP.

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