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How One Drive Changed NFL History

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I still remember this game pretty well, particularly this horrible drive. It Definitely got Haley canned, got Crennel a one year job interview, and paved the way for Reid to take over in 2013 Jets havent been good since. 

Time sure does fly, pretty interesting to look at. 

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I remember how disgusted everyone was with Haley by then. Hunt was a formal kind of guy and Haley would do press conferences in a gray sweatshirt and facial stubble. Some thought he was trying to get fired. Crennel was a disaster, gaining the Chiefs only #1 overall pick. So, Reid came in with a couple of important building blocks--a LT and Travis Kelce.


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That isn't the only pivotal Jet-Chief game that was ever played.

In 1988, the Jets and Chiefs played twice (they finished last in 1987 in the five-team AFC divisions). In both games, the Jets had a double-digit lead in the fourth quarter, and both times, they squandered it. The Chiefs won one of the games, and the other finished in a tie.

If the Jets hold on and win both of those games, Troy Aikman is a Chief, not a Cowboy.

Also, in 07, the Jets and Chiefs played in the season finale, which the Jets won in OT on a Mike Nugent FG. If the Jets tie or lose, they pick #3 instead of #6, and they have a shot at Matt Ryan.

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