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2022 where we finally are rebuilt draft thread

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2 hours ago, .Buzz said:

Where are we preference wise if we pick in the 5-8 range?

Doesn’t seem like there is going to be any elite top of the draft receivers, but there appears to be a couple very interesting OT prospects and edge/interior DL players. You also have Hamilton and Stingley of course.

I currently have 1 IDL guy in the top 10 DeMarvin Leal but he isn't one of those 10 sack guys at IDL. 

I have 2 Guys in the late round 1/round 2 in Jordan Davis and Perrion Winfrey.  



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On 9/17/2021 at 9:22 AM, KhanYouDigIt said:

I’ve just never been of a fan of taking a S that high. With already having our QBOTF, the trenches needs to be addressed. That’s where you win/lose games.

The O-Line has a ton of question marks. I wouldn’t be surprised if it gets completely revamped in the off-season. It’s not the worst unit in the NFL but we have to protect the franchise QB. I could see 3 new starters along that O-Line next year and hopefully a new O-Line coach.

We need another EDGE. Not worried about Allen but Chaisson needs to show us something this season. I haven’t really looked into the IDL at the top of the Draft. 

Yeah.  Having a really great Safety is a big "luxury" item.  You should be able to find at least decent ones elsewhere, in places other than the very top of the draft.  Every year, there are guys available in FA, and a bit later in the draft.  If you've got a really strong team, and you're looking for that "x factor" to put you over the top and really give you an edge somewhere in an "underexploited niche" or whatever...that premium safety can make sense.  I just don't think it's a piece you go out and invest that big in, when you still have so many other glaring holes in your team that are going to seriously mitigate any impact that guy can have anyway.


Trenches is the way to go.  Improve the pass rush.  Even if Allen is good, and Chaisson actually turns into something useful...you still can't have too many good edge guys to rotate through, keep fresh, and throw different looks with.  And you need guys who can do damage on the interior as well.  Where rotation can also be really beneficial.

OLine is in a lot of ways, the biggest impact position you can get these days.  A dominating OLine can make everything else look so much better, and gives you the ability to dictate so much more of how the game flows.  When you can just do what you want, and trust the big uglies to let you execute...it opens things up so much for everyone else.

Either that...or just load up with an absolute stud WR/TE if they're there.  Puts a lot on Trevor at that point...but it's giving him the tools to handle it too.  I have enough belief in him to justify that approach.

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2. DeMarvin Leal IDL, Texas A&M Starting DL

34. Trevor Penning OT, Nothern Iowa Starting RT

66. Jalen Wydermyer TE, Texas A&M Starting TE

104. Cade Mays IOL, Tennessee Starting G/C

144. Kyler Gordon CB, Washington athletic cb and St ace.  

155. Ainias Smith WR, Texas A&M he's handled running back snaps but I think he's more suited to wr full time.  Could be a backup option for ettiene role

181. Markquese Bell S, Florida A&M safety depth.  Takes wingards spot

189. Micah McFadden LB, Indiana  Lb competition

221. Arnold Ebiketie EDGE, Penn State edge depth

250. Tyler Johnson EDGE, Arizona State he's a 280 pound de so I could see him as a Future ward replacement

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On 9/11/2021 at 8:37 PM, Chops013 said:

My main FA target would be TE Mike Gesicki so this draft is assuming he is our big FA pick up. Also hoping/thinking we won’t be picking this high but anyways…

5: R1 P5 S Kyle Hamilton - Notre Dame
37: R2 P5 WR Chris Olave - Ohio State
69: R3 P5 OT Daniel Faalele - Minnesota
107: R4 P5 G Cade Mays - Tennessee
147: R5 P5 RB Zamir White - Georgia
154: R5 P12 EDGE Markaviest Bryant - Central Florida
184: R6 P5 CB Riley Moss - Iowa
224: R7 P5 LB Troy Andersen - Montana State


1) Urban would be drooling at the thought of adding a player like Hamilton to the defense. Could play SAF, NB, LB, and ST. Would also be a TE eraser.

2) Urban gets one of his Ohio State guys in Olave. He’s made no secret he loves WRs and speed.

3) Faalele is an absolute monster (6’9” 400 lb) and would be Jawaan at RT.

4) Cade Mays is a nasty mauler that would compete with Cann at RG. Further strengthens the OL to protect Trevor.

5) Urban had Zamir White in his top 5 backs last year. Surprised he was available… Takes over for Carlos Hyde.

6) Feel like a guy named Big Kat Bryant has to be a Jags, right?

7) Riley Moss is off to a real hot start on the season. More CB depth.

8 ) Troy Andersen is the defensive version of Taysom Hill. Started off as a QB (had 28 rushing TDs in 2 seasons) and now is a full time LB. super versatile and could play LB, FB/Hback, TE, and ST.


i think a NEW FA OC should be target number 1

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2. Jacksonville Jaguars Evan Neal OT, Alabama Starting Tackle

34. Jacksonville Jaguars Treylon Burks WR, Arkansas Hback/Slot WR 

66. Jacksonville Jaguars Jahleel Billingsley TE, Alabama Starting TE

104. Jacksonville Jaguars Lecitus Smith IOL, Virginia Tech Starting G

144. Jacksonville Jaguars Demani Richardson S, Texas A&M S Competition

155. Jacksonville Jaguars Logan Hall EDGE, Houston  Hes more of a DL to me but he could be more of a ward

181. Jacksonville Jaguars Quay Walker LB, Georgia ILB Depth

189. Jacksonville Jaguars Brian Robinson Jr. RB, Alabama Power rb depth

221. Jacksonville Jaguars Arnold Ebiketie EDGE, Penn State Edge depth

250. Jacksonville Jaguars Decobie Durant CB, South Carolina State Playmaking CB competition

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1 hour ago, KhanYouDigIt said:

They better use their twelve 5th/6th/7th’s to move up and acquire guys that can make a difference. 

No need to have 10 + rookies coming in again. 

honestly we probably could use some of them to take some risky picks like the coming off injury crowd plus lets not act like this roster doesnt need depth guys.  this roster needs more young talent. 

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5 hours ago, KhanYouDigIt said:

They better use their twelve 5th/6th/7th’s to move up and acquire guys that can make a difference. 

No need to have 10 + rookies coming in again. 

I’m not so sure about that. Might need all those picks. How else will they replace Jalen Camp?

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It’s pretty frustrating looking back and seeing a guy like Trey Smith do what he’s doing when he was considered a top 2 round talent fall due to medical I assume and we draft guys like Farrell/Camp.

Trey Smith was a mauler in college and looks to be doing the exact same thing now. Guess we’ll see how long he holds up but would be nice to take those talents when they fall that far.

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