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Choose your own Character Mafia Game: Game over! town and matts win!

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1 hour ago, Malfatron said:

game setup info

1. This game is not multiball. There is only one anti-town faction (although self-aligned roles that are not members of a faction are possible).

2. The game is guaranteed to have a minimum of 7 town roles, and a minimum of 1 anti-town role.

3. all roles are randomized. Your character doesnt affect your power. Your character may affect the flavor I choose in your pm, but i wont be giving away your character via flavor in any of the writeups (unless your character dies of course)

4. i take no responsibility if this game isnt balanced

5. i may insert flavor in writeups. this is guaranteed to just be flavor. dont read into it

game setup info

also, the op has the rules and town/scum wincons

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Posted (edited)

note the change to ties and voting


3. There are no locked in votes. there are nightly deadlines at 9pm cst, but hammer rules apply (if player receives a majority of votes before deadline). this could end the day early. however, this will not affect the deadline to get in night moves, which will be 930 pm cst.

4. If there is a tie between players at the end of a deadline, the player to receive the most votes first will be eliminated. no overtimes


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New tracker for people alive/dead:



1 @Nazgul - Taylor Swift - Killed N1. No alignment/role information revealed. 

2 @Scoundrel -  Ryan Gosling

3. @squire12 - Jordan Love

4 @jasonwbantle - Bret Hart

5 @Pickle Rick - Davy Jones

6 @The Orca - Azog

7 @Matts4313 - Billy Butcher

8 @MWil23 - Ric Flair

9 @bcb1213 - Gizmo

10 @Dome - Lafayette Ronald Hubbard 

11. @SwAg - Dobby, the House Elf

12 @TheKillerNacho - Ryan Tannehill

13 @swoosh - Ted Lasso




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