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DeCastro released


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Not getting another contract totally makes sense.

Cutting him now....with THIS o-line...after bringing back guys like Ben and JuJu...nah

I'm very interested to hear more....and Trai Turner better be on the next flight to Pitt. 

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Andrew Luck put early retirement in the Stanford water system. 


Just adding here on edit rather than making a 3rd post. Feels very "Im thinking about retiring" and the answer was, well we cant wait for you to decide. 

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Remember that interview Ramon Foster gave in which he said Decastro was the least likely guy to play another contract with the Steelers? Something like that. I feel like Decastro had probably been talking about being finished sooner rather than later. 

He is a big loss. I wouldn’t hate to sign Turner, but his injury history is worrisome.

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IMO, they need to actively do something with that money. Trai Turner *shouldn't* cost that much, at least in year 1 and TJ's money hits in the future. 

Im not saying there are high priced FA to find, but this should open the trade market more and make guys like Hooker or Turner who potentially asked for a mill or two more than the Steelers were offering to revisit those signings. 

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32 minutes ago, DR43 said:

Why did they do that?



Very odd, maybe they are in a money crunch or something but release one of the teams best OL when Pouncey retired and Villaneuva left, he was the last good OL on the team and replace him with who exactly?  Oh and they lost Feiler as well in free agency.  Dotson has potential and Dan Moore I like and think he can maybe transition to OG possibly, they better hope they do not start Aviante Collins, he could not break the lineup with the Vikings and they have a pretty piss poor OL especially in terms of pass pro.

Kendrick Green is an interested rookie but again he is not HOF center like Pouncey was, Green is probably better at OG anyway.  

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