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Criminal Minds - Town wins!

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55 minutes ago, The Orca said:


You Must Star Wars GIF by Regal

Play you will


I have a hard out on July 5th. If we start soon I can play but if it’s a big game or takes a few days to start then I’m out

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3 hours ago, JoshstraDaymus said:

Please explain. Also note this is not me signing up.

Im still working out how complicated I am going to make it. But the win con for the BAU (scum) is going to find certain unsub(s) within town. There will be things like investigations/witnesses/memory recall/etc from the show. Depending on which direction we go, there will probably not be a crazy amount of kills but instead of a timeline. 

I might make it kinda like the board game clue a bit. Depends on how many sign ups. 

3 hours ago, Tk3 said:

What are the anticipated dates of this one?


3 hours ago, Beavis said:

When would we start?

Start probably Monday, end before 4th of July. 

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1 hour ago, Scoundrel said:

Can you promise no host switches , wincon changes, or shenanigans of the sort?

Sansa stark is aligned with the Lannisters

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Posted (edited)
11 hours ago, Forge said:

Nah, my mafia days are over

We need you obiwan Forgie, youre our only hope.


If we cant get to ~10-15 then I will push to after the 4th

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