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New Information Sheds Light On Why Chicago Bears May Be Sold Soon

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4 hours ago, RunningVaccs said:

To dance around the political aspect of it, I think the NFL is going to be just fine long term, but it's hard to argue that this doesn't feel like a high-water mark for it's popularity and thus the value of the franchise.

I would counter that thought with brand new TV contracts that will bring in billions of new money and ten years of labor peace assured via the latest CBA.  If you ask me the McCaskeys are gonna need a bigger wheel barrow to haul the loot.  😁

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1 hour ago, HuskieBear said:

the BCS hasn't been around for almost a decade old man 😉

But my point was they're expanding the number of teams which means more games for the TV people to flash their cash to buy the broadcasting rights.  So even NCAA football is expanding not contracting.

Looking at it from the standpoint of a financial consultant and investment advisor I don't see a topping pattern developing yet so I would advise remaining fully invested.  There's still room for growth.

Old man!!!!!!   I much prefer the term "vintage soul".  LOL

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