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League fines WFT $10M due to team culture investigation

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2 hours ago, Slappy Mc said:

WASHINGTON -- The NFL submitted answers to questions posed by the House Oversight and Reform Committee Thursday night, but have yet to submit documents requested by members of Congress.


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Nothing overly new. Just some more investigative stuff.



Wilkinson learned about the settlement in late July 2020, according to a court filing by the team’s former lawyer, within days of a Post story detailing allegations of sexual harassment inside the Washington franchise.

The team announced it had hired Wilkinson to investigate the day the story was published. Two days later, Wilkinson was on a conference call with Donovan, he said in a court filing. Also on the call was Norman Chirite, another longtime legal adviser to Snyder, as well as an unidentified third person.

What happened next, which has not been previously reported, is described in court records that emerged during a legal dispute between Wilkinson and Donovan. Large swaths of those records are redacted, but multiple people familiar with them confirmed some of what is shrouded.

After the phone call, according to a declaration filed by Donovan and people familiar with the matter, Chirite gave Wilkinson documents relating to the allegation and the settlement, including a report Donovan wrote after his investigation.

But then lawyers working for Snyder learned Wilkinson was attempting to interview the 2009 accuser. That October, Wilkinson received a letter from A. Scott Bolden, a partner in the D.C. office of Reed Smith, a firm that represents Snyder and the team. This letter appears in court records, but its contents are almost entirely redacted. According to people with knowledge of the letter, Bolden claimed to Wilkinson that the team’s release of former employees from NDAs did not apply to the 2009 accuser. Bolden and Reed Smith declined to comment on the record.

Through all of this, the plane ride is the thing Snyder desperately does not want to get out. 

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In January 2020, after the news conference announcing Rivera’s hire, according to these people, Snyder learned that Allen had sent a congratulatory text to Rivera. Snyder was insulted, these people said, that he didn’t receive a similar text from Allen, whom Snyder had fired a few weeks before.

He is such a little man.

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