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2021 NBA Finals: Bucks win title 4-2 over Suns

Who wins?  

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  1. 1. Who wins?

    • Suns in 4
    • Suns in 5
    • Suns in 6
    • Suns in 7
    • Bucks in 4
    • Bucks in 5
    • Bucks in 6
    • Bucks in 7

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15 minutes ago, seminoles1 said:

Maybe the first time he's done that in the postseason.

Think the stat was in career.  That was regular and post season

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15 minutes ago, 11sanchez11 said:

Did they say Craig tore his ACL? 

1.  Nadr going to play more.   Bridges & both Cam’s going to have to pick up the slack on O.  

2.  Ayton is going to log 38-40 mins a game from now on.    Crowder & Bridges’ PT going up too.  

Giannis played his heart out.   But he was spent and he might have suffered a cascade injury with the calf in the 4Q.    I didn’t think he could return close to healthy - but he’s just a freak. Having said that - if he’s more limited than present form - Bucks are toast.   Again panic isn’t needed until you lose a home game - but the only solace Bucks fans can hope for is that the Suns edge in depth took a hit in their frontcourt.    Otherwise - man it’s hard to feel good going into game 3.   

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2 minutes ago, Thelonebillsfan said:

All the media hot takes about "are they better without Giannis" lookin real real dumb now.

Carried that team and still lost by double digits, this might only go 5

For as ridiculous as that take is, this result isn’t gonna make it go away because Giannis played and they lost. To those idiots it still adds credence to it.

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