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MKnight82's Top 50 Video Games of All Time - Full List Up

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#3 - Civilization V


Played On: PC


Man on man have I played the crap out of this game.  This is my go to "I've had too many beers but want to click on a video game, let me start a new playthrough game" lol. Infinitely replayable because every game is different. My go to is custom game, huge map, raging barbarians on (to cause early game chaos), generally King difficulty, I was hooked on playing island maps but lately I like to do this one called Terra where everyone starts on the same continent but there are other continents completely uninhabitted that can be found and settled.  I think this game is superior to all the civs before it because graphically its just much better plus the switch from squares to hexagons made things a little more complex. Plus I hated unit stacking in the previous games (you could have like 30 units in 1 city before). Civ 6 to me is just bleh, I don't like what they've done with the new city systems and it just isn't as fun IMO. 

If you haven't played a Civ game you need to.  its a turn based strategy game where you start in the stone age and end up eventually in modern times (or slightly futuristic actually). The game is just one of the most addicting experiences you'll ever have in gaming.  You really need the 2 expansion packs as they add a lot to the game. Just one more turn I swear!  Liar. 



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#2 - Diablo 2


Played On: PC


I've intentionally tried to only include a single game from different franchises but some franchises I've just played so much of multiple games I couldn't avoid it. Diablo 2 is one of the best games I've ever played in my life. It came out the summer in between my Junior and Senior years of high school, and I can remember me and my buddies just grinding away at this game late into the night. I have never lost my love for this game since the first time I played it. You could put this game in front of me and I will play it every time. The game is so simple yet can get very complex when you're strategizing your build and trying to find the right gear for your character. Each act in the game has its own setting and the soundtrack is great. I admit it does not have a great story, but who cares when there's so much gear to find.  That sweet sweet gear. The first time you pull a legendary drop you'll get hooked for life. The game definitely requires the expansion pack Lord of Destruction, but if you haven't played this game you need to change that. The upcoming remaster I think is scheduled to drop in September.  I'm going to be putting some serious hours into that coming up.  



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#1 - Resident Evil 4


Played On: Gamecube, Xbox 360, Xbox One, Switch


This is the greatest video game of all time.  I think I've owned it for like 4 or 5 different consoles because I can't stop playing it. The HD remake of this has definitely helped the longevity of this game because the graphics were starting to get pretty dated. I'm kind of shocked no one guessed this game because of all of the other zombie games I have on my list. This was the easiest pick for me on the list, it was never not going to be #1. This game invented the over the shoulder shooter game, and in the process stumbled on perfection. The setting, in some creepy eastern european village is excellent for a zombie game. The pacing is great, amping up the difficulty then letting you slightly recover before hammering you with another boss fight.  And oh those boss fights, the best boss fights in gaming history IMO. There's some RPG mechanics here with the ability to upgrade your weapons, and I think everyone plays the game a little differently based on the guns they prefer. Myself I've always preferred the Red9, Striker Shotgun and semi automatic rifle.  I will literally beat the final boss on this game and just roll right into another playthrough. The story is OK enough, that's really not why you're here to play this game. The frantic situations and your ever dwindling ammo is why you play this game. Best game of all time hands down imo and I will never get sick of playing this game. 



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1 hour ago, MKnight82 said:
1 hour ago, MikeT14 said:

OH MY GOD HOW DID I FORGET XCOM2?!? Definitely in my Top 10 most played all time. So addicting/frustrating. War of the Chosen just makes it worse. 

Ya actually no one had mentioned that one, Baldurs gate 2, or my #1 overall game at all in this thread. 

I dont think I have ever played it. I might need to check it out.

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Kind of shocked Wasteland didn't make the cut.


I mostly agreed with your top 10 outside of FF and Resident Evil, but, I must confess, I have not played either of those games, so I could conceivably be incorrect. 


I'd add these to the list, likely very high:

Baseball Stars (for the NES I believe?) - Played the hell out of this game for years.  So much so that I had to buy several new cartridges (apparently they used to have small batteries in them that would run out).  Was the first RPG-like element to a sports game I've ever seen.  You could increase ratings with good play (buy earning $) and customize every player to your liking.  You could even have ladies on your custom teams.  I was so addicted to this game.

Grim Dawn (which I'm actually shocked you haven't tried and enjoyed) Very Diablo like but with many more class options/combos), extremely fun.

7 Days to Die - A zombie sandbox that is very addicting and one of the best games I've ever played.

X-Com: Enemy Unknown - Much like XCom2.  Great game.  I also love X-Com 2

Divinity Original Sin 2 - Likely my favorite party based RPG of all time.  Almost 200 hours played.

Pillars of Eternity (both) - Great party based RPG's.

Honorable Mention - Rim World.  Just try it.

Great list and well done MK - I've added games to my wishlist from your list.



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