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Patriots WR N’Keal Harry requests trade

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I think he could fit in well with the Falcons. They have the speed to open the game up for Harry and could use him a lot like how Mohamed Sanu was used in 2016 as a big slot.

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14 hours ago, childofpudding said:

Seven pages on this guy?


Slow time of the year.

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On 7/7/2021 at 11:14 PM, showtime said:

All the people who are trashing this guy saying he can't play, why is that? He was hurt as a rookie and didn't play much. Then, he struggled last year, but the Patriots offense blows. Their offense has had a serious lack of talent for like two years now. Harry hasn't even played two seasons worth of games, yet. Maybe he does better with a fresh start on a new team.

Because he has cinder blocks for feet and can't separate for ****. Harry's garbage

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He doesn't have a football brain.

One play against Baltimore, the CB gave him ludicrous cushion (it must have been confusion or something, no one gives that much cushion). Cam would have spotted it. All Harry needed to do was what a pop-warner WR would have done and changed from his original route to just snap and face his QB expecting the immediate pass for an easy 7-10 yards. He actually ran his play-call without looking up once. Just ran straight into the CBs coverage. Cam had to pull the ball down and threw it away, I think.

This is just one example. I also read he has the 6th worst yards after catch average in franchise history (the other 5 were undrafted). He was drafted for his vaunted YAC


We'll take a water-boy. 

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