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What are the top 5 most important plays in your franchises history?

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5 hours ago, Tk3 said:

same boat, early 30s here

I’m hoping my 7 month old son will look back on these Bills and the history the same way we do the 90’s.

Of course with 4 minor differences 😃

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On 7/12/2021 at 11:48 AM, biggie. said:

The Tuck Rule

Malcolm Butler interception

Edelman circus catch in SB51

Both of Vinatieri's GW FGs in SB36 and 38.

Mo Lewis nearly kills Bledsoe

Honestly the Edelman catch as crazy as it is was not a gotta have it play. It was big, but something like the Hightower strip sack was bigger in that game. Even the Gilmore interception in 53 was more crucial to the outcome. 

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1. Malcolm Butler Interception: Honestly very rarely do you have one play in isolation where it pretty much determines the champion. But this was at the end of the game, it was very doubtful the Pats were going to stop 2 successive goal line runs by Lynch or Wilson taking it. Pretty much the only shot they had was to get an interception on the one pass play in the sequence and everyone involved in that play executed it perfectly to get the result they did. In context that play basically flipped the script on two sets of legacies. It stopped Seattle from potentially becoming the dynasty of the 2010's and usurping the Patriots after already beating Manning and the Broncos the year before (a feat that would go down in legend if the LOB beat Brady and Manning in consecutive SB's) but it also kickstarted the second half of the NE dynasty and got Brady and Belichick in rarified air as they tied Montana/Bradshaw/Noll respectively as having the most SB titles in their roles on the team. This is might be the most consequential play in NFL history based on the stage, based on the situation and how decisively crucial it was, and the overall impact on NFL history.

2. The Adam Vinatieri kick in the Snowbowl/Tuck Rule game. This is the greatest kick in NFL history and kept the team alive to start a dynasty. AV is the greatest kicker and this is his signature moment that will always define his career. He kicked two SB clinching kicks both a few weeks and then two years later, but this is the kick that when NFL retrospectives and ESPN start talking about his career will be the lead highlight.

3. Moe Lewis' tackle on Bledsoe in week 2 of 2001. I'm kinda breaking a rule here as I don't like to list negative plays or ones that aren't a feat of skill. But let's be real, this play completely altered NFL history for the next two decades. People can debate how Belichick knew Brady was good and that he may have started someday regardless. What I can say is that watching that team, the Patriots were not a SB winning team if Bledsoe was the QB that year. Bledsoe was great but he had almost zero in pocket instincts the way Brady had and it made a huge difference in their respective abilities to extend plays and make decisions. The team also bought into Brady's magic in a way they never did with Bledsoe. Maybe next year there's a QB competition, but the fact is Bledsoe would be a $100 million dollar QB and Brady's a no name in that scenario. Brady having success and winning a SB that year was what got the region behind him and made sticking with a QB we just made a huge investment on complently unteneable. It was the beginning of the greatest in the NFL and it impacted so many teams over the years that it's hard to leave out. 

4. Hightower strip sack in SB 51. Greatest comeback in NFL history is virtually impossible without this play. Lots of gotta have it moments in this game but this was the start of making it possible. Without this, virtually no chance of a comeback. 

5. Brady's 2nd and 10 pass in SB 36 to Troy Brown. Not the flashiest pass, but with 29 seconds left and an impending overtime this got the Pats to flip field position, get out of bounds for the clock to stop and put them in range for the game ending field goal. The Pats solidified their first Super Bowl with this play.

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On 7/12/2021 at 2:21 PM, August4th said:

this def leans more towards modern times but

1. Ben to Holmes SB43

2. immaculate reception(would be number 1, but that did not lead to a SB)

3. Ben with the tackle against indy to save us from bettis fumble

4. Troy pick 6 to send us to the SB in the 08 AFC title game

5.  Harrison pick 6 in SB43

Personally, I'd put that play above even the Immaculate Reception.  For decades, it should go down as one of the most memorable plays in Super Bowl history.  The Immaculate Reception by Franco was crazy, and it IS iconic, but in reality it was kind of a fluke play.  In contrast, Harrison's house call was a performance showcasing world class athleticism, awesome drive, and determination and an unstoppable will to win.  Truly, the kind of thing a fan would want to represent their franchise throughout history.

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Ok this is really hard for a privileged Pats fan, but I’ll go


Bledsoe gets injured and TB comes in as backup 

Vinatieri snow bowl kick

Ty Law pick 6 vs Rams. Sparked the turnaround

Malcolm Butler interception 

Brady to Gronk effectively wins the SB

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