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Week 8 GDT: Dallas Cowboys @ Washington Redskins


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20 minutes ago, WizardHawk said:

Eye of the beholder is right. You say he's following Murray's MO, and complaining he isn't breaking tackles, yet Murray has a 1/3 more. Murray actually was credited with 43 last year...more than Zeke on 30 less carries. So yeah, maybe Murray is better at breaking tackles than Zeke...or maybe Zeke is simply better at avoiding contact. Whatever the case, there isn't an issue to be had here.

My problem, or complaint, whatever to call it, is more in that Zeke was going down on first contact too often in the game. And not by notorious run stopping hard hitting linebackers and safeties, but by the Washington equivelant of Jeff Heath :P

Like Db said, the weather wasnt doing him any favors. And like I also said, gripping the ball with two hands limits a runners ability to retain balance. 

That said though, how does a mean streak workhorse runner like Zeke get brought down by 8 fingers grabbing at his ankle? Or some shoe string attempt by some scrub barely making a roster? I want to see him break those open. 33 carries and 14 is your longest gain? I want more for the price paid.

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