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1 minute ago, Pickle Rick said:

I wouldn't doubt if its nacho.   His claim would make him a target every night yet he has lived until the end, why?

Also how do you miss that many attempts 

Like I said you all have cases that I can say I feel 99% sure you are scum 

F it. 

Nacho for the drama. 

This will be my last game for awhile anyway. Ya'll can throw me LVP and I'll wear it with pride. 

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2 hours ago, Pickle Rick said:


let's sit here for a while and see what happens 

2 hockey - nacho, scoundrel

2 nacho - swoosh

2 swoosh - hockey, pickle


2 hours ago, Hockey5djh said:

Nacho for self preservation.


2 hours ago, Hockey5djh said:

Back to swoosh


50 minutes ago, Scoundrel said:


I don’t care if we lose now. If you’re scum pile on here and I’ll hand you the win. 


44 minutes ago, Scoundrel said:


I don’t care anymore. Tag me when it’s over 


36 minutes ago, Pickle Rick said:

This is why end game is so hard.   I can make a case and say 

Nacho is 99% scum

Hockey is 99% scum

Scoundrel is 99% scum

Swoosh is 99% scum

So I don't think this is did scum play good, bc everyone one of you left are playing like scum lol 

So here is where I'm at 

Nacho- his move makes sense in a vacuum and his claim and play are the most town like. 

Swoosh- I can't believe there were only 3 mafia so it can't be him 

Scoundrel- really don't like his claim at all 

Hockey has the absolute worse game play, moves, and claim 

I'm rolling with swoosh as town.  

So to me than its 2/3 





34 minutes ago, swoosh said:


Let's wrap this up. Brain is telling me hockey, heart is telling me nacho but I don't have the balls to make that call. 


28 minutes ago, swoosh said:

F it. 

Nacho for the drama. 

This will be my last game for awhile anyway. Ya'll can throw me LVP and I'll wear it with pride. 

2 hockey - nacho, pickle

2 nacho - swoosh

1 swoosh - hockey,

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1 minute ago, swoosh said:

I still kinda think it's Nacho by himself lol

Very well could be.   I'm sticking to the "anyone even half playing would have known squire was the gf so why kill malf after that was revealed claiming you thought malf was the gf"

Seems like a cop out for a scum kill 

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