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2 minutes ago, swoosh said:

Game started when I was gone and then when I got back, I never read up which always makes me lose interest because I feel I'm behind. Then it only gets worse cause I'm not interested and fall even further behind. 

Its all good.  @The Orcaprobably killed like 6 people.  We can just blame this one on him 🤣

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9 minutes ago, JoshstraDaymus said:

Alright while my wife is paying for stuff at H&M.

Votes have been locked. Scoundrel has been lynched. He was Wolf O’Donnel. Villain aligned killer.

Just kidding.

He was Doctor Mario. Hero aligned Doctor.

After all night moves have been sent I will end handle it.

iggy azalea s GIF

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Just three of them remaining. A classic Mexican standoff with no one trusting the other.


They all charge toward one another. Without warning, Pickle Rick aims to strike at Swoosh despite the math.


Sensing this danger, TheKillerNacho grabs Pickle Rick by his tail, and using his great strength, Rick is thrown far away into the stars, never to be seen again.


Pickle Rick has been KOd. He was Pikachu Town Aligned Lightning Rod

Assuming this is a show of good faith, Swoosh begins to celebrate. Bouncing up and down, babbling excitement, after all, Town has been saved! He offers a fist bump to TheKillerNacho to celebrate. Nacho out stretches his hand and then is encased an a red aura, opening his fist to reveal a small smash ball that he crushes in his fist and uses it to transform to his true being. He grows rapidly and with his new size and power completely brutalizes Swoosh and then with a mighty rush, he sends him far off stage.


Swoosh has been KOd. He was Ice Climbers Hero Aligned Double Vote.


Nacho smirks. The smirk turns to a smile. The smile turns to a chuckle. The chuckle turns into a full blown maniacal laugh as the heavens open up, the hands here to salute their chosen one. Unsatisfied with doing things for others, Nacho begins his assault on the hands and strikes them relentlessly until they are destroyed and no more. Upon his ultimate victory, Nacho harnesses the power of the smash ball and revives his fallen comrades, bcb and Squire.


TheKillerNacho was Ganondorf. Villain aligned role block.


The Villains have won, and so begins a dark time in Nintendo.




                       Yes                     No

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