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Cowboys 2021 Training Camp

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3 hours ago, DaBoys said:

I’m pretty sure Jaylon Smiths incredible ability to block out reality, remain confident, ignore naysayers, and immerse himself in blind faith was the only reason he was able to comeback from his gruesome injury in college. 

Its not really surprising he remains positive, after all that. With all the hate he receives you wouldn’t think he had the 3rd most tackles in the NFL(1st in the NFC) last season. 

A lot of those tackles came from chasing down guys after they beat him.

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6 hours ago, D82 said:

A lot of those tackles came from chasing down guys after they beat him.

No a lot of those happened chasing down guys were he didn't put him self in the right spot to make the play we needed and instead making tackles 10-12 yards past the LOS which is not good. When he needed to be making those tackles around the LOS. 

Yes semantics but its important. Jaylon's major problem was not "missing" tackles but not being where he needed to be to stop the team from getting big plays. Now yes a lot of the time he created that problem by falling for misdirection or misreading the play. i.e. Moving inside too soon and getting caught up in the wash while the RB escapes to the outside. The fix for this is of course making sure he is in the right spot at the right time. For instance make sure he knows his job is contain and not drift inside to try and help our porous inside D.  Also maybe not have him 10-12 yards of the LOS to help cover then expect him to come up and make a play along the LOS.  

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