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Minnesota Vikings 2021 Training camp

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I guess with TC starting in a little over a week I thought Id start a thread about so we can have some discussions about it,

What are some things you you would like to see during TC?

Id like to see Davis and Darrisaw get some reps with the 1s is my main thing, Id also like to see how the DL shapes up, Of course I also want to escape TC with no injuries as well.

*Please delete the thread if we already have a place for this discussion and Its just lost in all the other threads.

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I'd love to see Davis and Darrisaw both start or at least for Darrisaw get legitimate reps with the 1's.  Would also love to see Twyman participate. 

Seeing all the rookies is exciting.   Want to check out ISM amd Bynum the most outside of OL.

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21 hours ago, Virginia Viking said:

The main thing I'd want to see happen is for there to be no training camp injuries, especially to starters or promising rookies!!!

Well, does the injury to Pierce prior to camp count?  😜

I just want to see how the young guys perform, especially Mond...to see if he has the upside I expect to see.  While I don't want him to play in the regular season anytime soon, I do want to see hope.  I also want to see how some of the 2nd year players do with their actual first real training camp and preseason.  

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I’m looking forward to seeing how some of the younger developmental players are coming along. Players like Udoh, Brandel, Willekes, Hinton, etc. who aren’t rookies, but who we haven’t seen play because of no true offseason or preseason in 2020. 

Looking forward to seeing Harrison Hand play in preseason after all of the OTA hype. 

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3 hours ago, SteelKing728 said:

I want to see if Dantzler or Hand can get playing time over Breeland or even Alexander.

To start the season.  I think that Alexander will have the slot job.  I think Dantzler and Breeland will share the wide spot opposite Peterson, and one or both of them will spell Peterson when he needs rest.  Maybe the other will spell Alexander, when he needs rest?  Maybe it will be a 4 man rotation, for the 3 spots.  Maybe Hand will not get in unless one of those 3 gets injured.  So, in camp, Dantzler and Breeland will duke it out for title to the "starter" position.  At the end of the season, I expect all of Breeland, Dantzler, and Alexander to have played more minutes than Peterson.  But, I think it will be reasonably close for all 4.  I expect there to be a big fall-off to the next highest total, for Hand, and then Gladney, after his 4-game suspension will get some fill-in time.  Ideally, having that 4-man rotation for 3 spots, will leave Peterson fresh enough to not be tired during the playoffs.

But yes, I agree that the staff knows what Alexander can do, and needs longer looks at Hand and Dantzler, to see where they are related to handling the position.  But they also need to see what shape Breeland is in, and how he performs vs. them.  The veterans from last season's team shouldn't need as much work early in camp, so one would think the coaches would take longer looks at the younger players, to see how much they've progressed, and what will be needed to be worked on hard in Camp.

Yes, and I can't wait to see how Mond, Smith-Marsette, Davis, Darrisaw, Jones, Robinson, Twyman, and several of last season's rookies perform.


Meanwhile, I hope Dede Westbrook performed well today, and his signing and contract were agreed upon, and waiting for that announcement is just a formality.

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My days of going to training camp are over. 

I used to go every day to every practice and writing notes to share. Sadly, that was before Twitter, otherwise I may have a different career. Lol

But, the information, videos, and other great content that we get from Vikings insiders is far better than anything you’ll get from sitting in the stands trying to watch. 

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