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Minnesota Vikings 2021 Training camp

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1 hour ago, gopherwrestler said:

I get position flexibility, but I just see his value making more sense by just playing guard. 

I see it as two possibilities. 

One, they really like what they’ve seen from Oli Udoh at guard, and he’s their plan moving forward. Meaning that Davis is now seen as a backup for 2021, and position flexibility is more important for him. 

Two, pads haven’t even come on yet. This is more or less walk through for o-line and d-line, and they are trying things and seeing what could work in an emergency type scenario. 

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On 7/28/2021 at 1:41 PM, SemperFeist said:


Nice throw, but I'd still like to see The Vikings get a passing coach to work with Kellen on his delivery, and get the stiffness and hesitation out of it, into a more natural, fluid non-stop motion.

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I’m starting the conspiracy that the team picked a player who’s expected to redshirt to “test” positive in an attempt to further persuade Cousins and other unvaccinated to change their minds. 

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On 7/30/2021 at 3:12 PM, SemperFeist said:

When they’re doing this like this in practice, it leads me to think that a player taking a few snaps at a different position isn’t something to take too seriously. 

Absolutely correct.  Zimmer wants to carry an extra CB this season, so, to do that, he'd like to get more flexibility among the back-ups in another area of the team.  OL might be a good place to do that, with Rashod Hill already able to play guard and tackle.  If Davis can be trained quickly, to be able to handle backup centre, he can sub for Bradbury, if he gets hurt, or just can't handle pass protection, as long as Udoh can handle RG (where he has looked serviceable, so far).  I doubt that Dozier will even make the team.  And Davis' being able to handle backup centre may help keep him off, as they'll be able to go with one less OL backup player.

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i know we can't comment on vaccines because of personal health choices and the politics behind it so i'm just going to say we know some certanties:


- zimmer DEFINTELY wants everyone vaccinated


- the COVID protocols can uproot entire position groups


if any non-star wants to make the 53 man roster for the vikings they best be getting vaccinated ASAP.

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