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Rams RB Cam Akers Tears Achillies


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1 minute ago, MSURacerDT55 said:

Was a huge fan of his coming out of FSU, he was a stud in the making. Here's to a speedy recovery

It’s an Achilles tear. If he comes back, it definitely won’t be speedy. 

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1 minute ago, BStanRamFan said:

This hurts. Like really bad.

Darrell Henderson will be given every chance to be an every down back, but you have to think the Rams make a few calls to guys below:

Adrian Peterson

Todd Gurley

Devonta Freeman

Le'Veon Bell


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Bad news: Achilles tears are nasty, and this sucks for a young, promising RB who was set to really break out this year.

Good news:

  1. He has all season + offseason to rehab and get his Achilles back right without rushing.
  2. Several players, including Adrian Peterson(?) and Jimmy Smith have shown you can come back from an Achilles injury and still be a very good player
  3. Darrell Henderson is a very capable RB to replace Akers, and I'm sure the Rams can find more RB's to come in and produce as well
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