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Texas / OU talking to SEC?

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So would Texas join the West and Oklahoma join the east or vice versa, and if they buyout their contract with media rights, would they be able to play in the SEC in 2022 or still would have to wait later.

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7 hours ago, Oregon Ducks said:

Let’s get this bread B1G

West Division: Oregon, Washington, Cal, Stanford, USC, UCLA, Nebraska, Iowa
East Division: Ohio St., Michigan, MSU, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Penn State, Illinois, Indiana

As awesome as it'd be. I can't see us ditching our deadweight teams like Purdue, Rutgers, Maryland, etc.

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6 hours ago, Ray Reed said:

As a Maryland fan/alum i hope WVU goes to B1G so that can become a big rivalry again. They’ll prolly go ACC though

Backyard brawl reunion definitely more likely IMO.

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5 hours ago, TakeTheBallDeep said:

Big Ten go do what it takes to add Notre Dame to the West! Just need a body for the East

Wouldn't be surprised to see them shuffle Purdue to the East and then add another team like Kansas in the West. I think if you think about both Football and Basketball, that's the best case scenario.

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