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2021 Training camp news and notes

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6 minutes ago, Flounch said:

Who view him as a top 10-12 QB ? 

Nick Saban QB's are majority a bust in the NFL. Hurts and Tua are trending in that direction. 

And it's not because Jones outplays Newton in training camp that he's going to be a star. 

Is that really difficult to outperform Newton in TC ? 

Right now/in his rookie season? No one. In time who knows? The Patriots obviously believe so if they’re taking him in the top half of round 1. There was reports of other teams being into him/viewing him higher than the media/fans as well.

Don’t think anyone is basing their opinion on beating out an older vet who’s past his prime. Pretty sure I remember tyler, among others, being into Mac during the draft process. I don’t think TC reports are all the sudden making people believers.

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4 hours ago, .Buzz said:

Could really go about it either way I guess, same with any prospect. But I don’t think it’s crazy to list a team getting a QB outside of the top 10 that some think could be a long term fixture for a team as a steal.


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On 8/12/2021 at 10:45 AM, -Hope- said:

this entire rep is incredible. guard lets a guy through for what would've been an instant sack, jones throws it right to a defender with no WR within at least 10 yards, and the defender drops the surefire pick. a comedy of errors

do you still get an INT if there is no one there to INT

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On 8/13/2021 at 10:32 AM, Wyld Stallyns said:

Add Peter Schrager to the list of Ehlinger overreacters  


Hebisbone of my least favorite commentators. 


All he does is call out people names. 

Do you think you are going to beat Tom in Tampa. 

Landry catches everything. 

Do you think you are going to catch Tyreek Hill.

Patrick mahomes can throw the ball far. 

Water is wet, is the depth you get from this mfer. 

I'd rather listen to Skip Bayliss who at least has an opinion. 

But there is one I really cant stand even more and that is Brandon Marshall he is a combination of Peter's shallow opinions, witha bit of anger and diva.

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My last thought on the Jaguars/Tim Tebow. They sent Josh Oliver to the Ravens for a bag of chips in order to have Tim Tebow on the roster just so they can cut him in the first wave.

Josh Oliver is about to make our roster as TE3 lol

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