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Running with the Wolves Mafia - N6 game ends - Hellhounds win!

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deadline has passed.. malf will be the vote..

Malf - 4 - Mightymouse, Swoosh, bcb, orca

bcb - 3 - scoundrel, malf, nacho


did not vote - Hockey, Matts

In accordance with rule 4, penalties will be levied for both players. If they fail to vote a 2nd time, they will be modkilled

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with nearly half of the pack dead, the wolves were getting anxious. they were starting to be concerned that they would never figure it out. luckily, the majority of the pack was confident they had the right guy. the pack surrounded @Malfatron forcing him to pay for the crimes they believed he commited. his plea fell on deaf ears.

malf is dead. He was wolfpack aligned

you have until 9:45 to submit your night moves

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Just now, Scoundrel said:

Swoosh man you scummy boy

how do you figure? it was either malf or bcb today. so are you suggesting me and bcb are teammates?

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the pack was ashamed, how did they get things so wrong? they all settled in for a long night's rest. everyone was tired, and nobody really wanted to do much but sleep

it is now day 4. 8 wolves remain in the frozen, Arctic tundra

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will take a lot for me to go away from bcb. I want to enjoy my weekend, damn. 

have to trust the dreams still. and to boot, bcb is the only even night dreamer. for malf. 

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