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Breathe easy, Jonathan Allen signs an extension.


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So $18 mil per year, I think would put him around 9th in the league for dlineman this year.  I doubt the extension kicks in until the following year though so that'll likely kick him outside of the top 10.  Definitely not a bargain but doesn't seem outrageous.  

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1 hour ago, ARTMONK HOF said:

I’m a big believer in “understand the true deal,” but I don’t get what JP is saying here. Well, to be more precise, I get what he’s saying — but I have no idea why he thinks it makes sense.

They already had him next season for 1/$10M. By virtue of drafting him and getting the 5th-year option. That was already set in stone. So the new part, created by this deal, is 4 additional years and 72 additional million dollars. Not sure why you’d try to spin that by looping in the artificially low price they have him under control for next season. 

Anyway, we’d been hearing we were looking at something like $17-18M to extend him, and it came in right where expected. It feels a little like an overpay for his production level at the moment, but by the end of the deal, I’m sure it will look like market value or better. The guy is a cornerstone of the defense (and team as a whole, it sounds like), it seems almost impossible to get real upset about locking him in for another 4 years. 

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