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Training Camp 2021!


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1 minute ago, Forge said:

I just don't put stock in any of that stuff. I will never be Thomas Clayton'd again 

Haha, yeah I get that. I do put a little bit of weight on King's reports though. It sounded like he was tearing it up in TC before the back injury. I'm not counting on him by any means, but I think he could surprise a lot of people if he can see the field. 

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I don't think it is just about how he looked vs Dallas in the preseason, Hurd clearly has physical attributes and the run after the catch ability that will translate on Sunday's. Like his skill set is easy to see. Crocker was at all the practices his rookie season and said Hurd was just as good as Deebo and was heavily targeted, especially in the two minute drills. If he is healthy and has fully recovered, he can carve out a role on the team...And can possibly step in if/when Deebo gets hurt. 

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2 minutes ago, NcFinest9erFan said:

Bosa looks lean...maybe too lean?

He looks quick to be honest and while he can add some weight, I don't worry with him. Dude knows what he has to do to maintain his strength. 

I hope they protect Ford at all costs at camp and save him for Sunday's. 

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