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Xavien Howard and Dolphins agree to restructure, ending "hold-in"

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On behalf of the Steelers, I'd like to offer up a six pack of Iron City, one Roethlisberger sandwich from Peppi's, and Dwayne Haskins. It's a win-win for everybody.

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1 minute ago, CKSteeler said:

On behalf of the Steelers, I'd like to offer up a six pack of Iron City, one Roethlisberger sandwich from Peppi's, and Dwayne Haskins. It's a win-win for everybody.

absolutely not

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Was seeing that he had the 6th highest average among corners and remembered he reset the market for CBs with this contract 2 years ago.

So, I went digging and found this from a Dolphins blog:



On the surface, Howard is on a 5-year, $75.25M contract extension that was signed in the summer of 2019.  His $15.05M average per season is still the 6th-highest annual average salary in the NFL. So what gives? Is Howard really that upset over that lofty of pay?

It isn’t the average of the deal that is bothersome. The issue is with the annual pay. The Dolphins dumped $14M in guarantees into the 2019 season — which was technically the last year on Howard’s rookie contract. And when you assess the new money that Howard is receiving each year, he’s not ranking well among other NFL cornerbacks.

In 2019, the year Howard signed his extension, he received $15.285M from the Dolphins — the second highest mark in all of football behind Joe Haden. But his 2020, 2021 and 2022 breakdowns hold the key as to why Howard is holding out. His annual pay (not salary cap hit) and rank in the NFL over those years:

  • 2020: $11.97M (15th among NFL cornerbacks)
  • 2021: $12.1M (11th among NFL cornerbacks)
  • 2022: $12.97M (11th among NFL cornerbacks)

This is why Xavien Howard is holding out. Not because the annual average of his contract is 6th in the league. But because on the cusp of the 30-year age wall that typically knocks down cornerbacks (not to mention Howard’s struggles with knee issues in the past), Howard is currently set to play the last years of his physical prime in 2020-2022 and have just one year (2019) where he’s a top paid player at the position.

This isn’t to say Miami needs to meet his request. Howard, of course, signed the contract in 2019, after all. But if nothing else, Howard has a point on this front.


I blame his agent. I understand why he's doing this more now, then when stuff was coming out about this the past months.

If the Eagles didn't just sign on Steven Nelson, restructure Darius Slay (which makes him hard to cut for probably 2 seasons) and there wasn't a maybe historic CB class coming up in 2022, then I'd probably be pretty interested in trading for Howard, but with all that and him wanting more $$$ on top of what he has I'm not really in favor of it, especially since we won't be contending before he hits 30 probably.

Hopefully this works out for both him and the Dolphins.

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honestly love the player but I'd accept a bounty for X.

He's on year 3 of a mega deal. Spent the first year hurt and had a break out season in the second year with 10 picks. In that time we signed another CB to a big contract. But he's still the 6th highest paid CB in the NFL (Byron is 5th). Sure he had a great 2020 season that overplayed the contract but INTs are such a chaotic statistic, he's not likely to get that amount again (and frankly he got a big benefit from playing on the other side of Byron). And from the team's perspective, they stuck with him during his injury in 2019.

Talented player but he's being a diva about this.


Either way, the Dolphins hold all the leverage here. He has four years left on his deal. Ideally I'd like the team to work something out with him to keep him happy, but its not like the Dolphins have to move him unless they get great value in return.

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Please, Mike and Jon get on the phone. Corner is our weakest position by far. Just a horrendous group and has been for 10 years since Nnamdi left. Weakness of our team year after year. 

Best playmaking CB in the NFL. And at least a Top 10 overall coverage corner. I’d give a 1st and 3rd for sure. 

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The question is how much more does he want in a restructure and what kind of draft capital would it take for Miami to move off him?

He's probably a top 5 CB in the league right now and the playmaking/interceptions make him even more valuable.

Dolphins won't have to take much of a dead cap hit to move on. Looks like they'll just be on the hook for 4.2 million of his signing bonus left.

This really was a great contract by Miami for a guy "resetting the market" lol.... hopefully Howard fired that agent.

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Raiders should trade a 1st for him. Gets them an elite CB and stops them from making some goofy pick in front of their home crowd in Vegas for the 22' draft. Howard is 28 Y/O though, which is somewhat old in CB years for the high end draft capital + max extension move. 

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15 minutes ago, Trentwannabe said:

I feel like it’s not very often you have a player be this honest and blunt. It’s actually nice to see. 

I agree - I'll take this over cryptic tweets and such.

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