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The 2021 NBA Draft Thread (NO SPOILERS!!!)

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1 minute ago, Kmart128 said:

Yes but 1 of those 3 could very well still be available at 22. There is only 4 selections and all 3 of the guards you mentioned is still available. Why take a player at 15 when they could fall to you at 22. 

My point had less to do with the board this year than their draft philosophy. I pointed out that they've taken a 3 or 4 every year sans 2 since the Wall pick. That's...not ideal.

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Just now, TheRealMcCoy said:

I thought he was  about to make @NYRaider's day and ask him why he went to Oklahoma State lmao

We know that answer, he should've asked how his brother went from middle school head coach to one of the highest paid assistants in college basketball. I want a promotion like that.

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11 minutes ago, Kirill said:

All these picks but when it comes time to be a man and trade a couple away to move up we sit still and draft Josh Giddey instead. OKC ownership needs to fire Sam Presti after tonight is over.

I hope they trade up to draft Josh Minott next year

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