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Around the NFL: Only Commies like Carson.


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1 hour ago, aussie_eagle said:

Eagles wont win out though. I see Eagles splitting with Washington, beating Giants and then probably win vs Dallas as Dallas will rest their starters. That would put them 9-8 and 49ers will beat Falcons and Texans to put them on 9 wins minimum and they have tiebreak over Eagles

Far fetched but I could honestly see them sweeping WFT. They are severely banged up right now and are losing guys left and right. I think SF can Def lose to ATL. I don't think they're much better than them. If at all. 

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1 hour ago, TheRealMcCoy said:

Rasul Douglas with back to back games with a pick 6. Really a shame we quit on both him and Sidney Jones at the same time when Schwartz wasn’t really doing them any favors with how he plays his defense. Not that either of them are great corners, but I just don’t think we gave them a fair shake.

Rasul almost just had another pick 6

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2 hours ago, Kiltman said:

Man, Urban is almost surpassing expectations 



Never forget 😂

So glad they hired him so there wasn’t a chance of USC doing so. He made Chip Kelly’s tenure with us seem very rosy. 

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18 hours ago, Kiltman said:

Lol what a ride, what an abject failure.

One of the many places we could see Dougie P pop up next year, even if it’s just for OC.

HC yes,  actually wouldn't be a bad fit for Trevor Lawrence's progression in the NFL.

Don't for a second think Doug will take a OC gig though.

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