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Colts’ Carson Wentz returned Monday from foot injury


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It's more than likely better for the Colts if he does miss time.

Wentz is awful, that is known. Eason is an unknown, might as well find out if he's gonna be worth anything in the NFL and you can either try to swing a trade(Jimmy G or something), or go in to the next off-season knowing if you need to spend a high pick on a QB.

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19 minutes ago, Scoundrel said:

Oh quiet you loved him in philly for some time you weak sauce fan

yeah but as soon as anybody ghosts or whines about Philly fans, we'll turn on them in no time flat.

I stanned Carson harder than most Eagles fans here but now even I'm laughing at him. I see it as a win win at this point. Either we get a first or we get to see him fail.

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