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2022 NBA Draft Thread

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6 hours ago, NYRaider said:

I think Chet is a virtual lock to be one of the first guys off the board especially with how good Mobley has looked this year.

he could very well be but the gap might be closer than people think.  i can see why jabari smith is gaining transaction as a top 2-3 pick.

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NYRaider 2022 NBA Mock Draft 3.0

1. Detroit: Paolo Banchero | FC | Duke

2. Orlando: Jabari Smith | F | Auburn

3. New Orleans: Chet Holmgren | FC | Gonzaga

4. Oklahoma City: Jalen Duren | FC | Memphis

5. Houston: Kennedy Chandler | PG | Tennessee

6. Indiana: Jaden Ivey | CG | Purdue

7. San Antonio: Kendall Brown | GF | Baylor

8. Sacramento: Keegan Murray | F | Iowa 

9. Portland: Patrick Baldwin Jr | F | UW Milwaukee

10. Toronto: Yannick Nzosa | C | Congo 

11. New York: Jaden Hardy | CG | G-League 

12. Minnesota: Ousmane Dieng | F | France

13. Atlanta: TyTy Washington | G | Washington

14. Philadelphia: Jean Montero | PG | OTE

15. Dallas: Dyson Daniels | GF | G-League

16. Oklahoma City: Bennedict Mathurin | GF | Arizona

17. Memphis: AJ Griffin | GF | Duke

18. Denver: Mark Williams | C | Duke

19. Cleveland: Peyton Watson | GF | UCLA

20. Boston: JD Davidson | PG | Alabama

21. New York: Caleb Houstan | GF | Michigan

22. Memphis: Nikola Jovic | F | Serbia

23. Washington: Trevor Keels | G | Duke

24. Houston: Bryce McGowens | GF | Nebraska 

25. Milwaukee: Damion Collins | FC | Kentucky

26. Chicago: Julian Champagne | GF | St Johns 

27. Miami: Terrance Shannon | GF | Texas Tech

28. Memphis: Max Christie | GF | Michigan State 

29. Golden State: Ochai Agbaji | GF | Kansas

30. Phoenix: Jabari Walker | F | Colorado 

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Nothing to do with the 2022 NBA draft but I really like DJ Wagner's game. If only he had his dad's explosion, he'd be a generational talent. His game is incredibly smooth and controlled. His ability to finish going right and left is special. LIS, the only issue with him is he's a below the rim type athlete (I swear I don't know if I've ever seen him dunk) and he's doesn't have a very explosive first step. It's a good one, but I need to see how it works against NBA athletes before I'd call it an absolute plus. Of course, NBA spacing is going to help this kid out tremendously too. He's a 25-30 PPG type player at the NBA level with his scoring diversity. Kid has no problem, even at 16/17, scoring consistently off contested shots. Body contact doesn't bother him whatsoever which is rare to see from a 6'3" HS guard. 

Just wish he were more explosive.

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Yeah, I could see Jabari going #1 just based on the fit with the modern NBA. Though, I think the athletic profile of Paolo is going to get him drafted #1 in the end. He has stuff you can't teach.

Wouldn't shock me if Chet falls a bit or even returns to Gonzaga.

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57 minutes ago, beekay414 said:

Wouldn't shock me if Chet falls a bit or even returns to Gonzaga.

Meh, I think Chet will go top 3 based on upside alone. Not many 7'4" kids that can move the way that he does and after the top tier of prospects the class is pretty meh. 

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