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2022 NBA Draft Thread


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3 hours ago, NYRaider said:

Chet's a solid prospect no doubt but I think he's overrated. Thankfully the season is right around the corner.

Every top prospect has bad games.  Chet balled out this year against top competition.  He ate up Emoni Bates early in the year showing he can do it against other elite players.  If you are down on Chet for that one game but not down on Emoni for his 30% FG on the year and a number of clunkers, than it just feels like haterade.  Chet isn't the most athletic guy, but his length and skill set is hard to find together. A lot will depend on him adding some muscle as he can't hold up against bigs in the NBA and he isnt quite athletic enough to be a SF like KD but he seems to have early Porzingas with better defense upside if he can bulk up a little.  

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24 minutes ago, Texansfan713 said:

when was the last time a nba team won the 1st pick in the lottery back to back years?

The Cavs won 3 out of 4.  Minny and Philly both had back to back guys that went number one on their rookie deals together.   Minny actually had 3, but only won the actual lottery the one time.

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